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  1. Just curious here, how is this docker better than the linuxserver ? If i was to switch dockers, whats the easiest way to do this instead of setting up all ports and etc?
  2. I have parity check done the 1st of every month recently i got 3 errors. I re-ran the parity check again w/ correct button checked. This time around it finished w/ 2 errors, and then i decided to re run it again for 3rd time.. 1 error. This doesn't seem right me thinks. I'm at work now so if requested i'll post my sys log later. So should I go ahead and run it again to zero out the errors or what?
  3. I keep getting this pop up when I login my unraid server. Anyone know if this is part of the OS?
  4. Diagnostics attached. tower-diagnostics-20170202-1851.zip
  5. I had my monthly parity check and it came back w/ 1 error. So i ran it again w/ correct error checked it and then ran it again w/o the error check and I'm still getting Event: unRAID Parity check Subject: Notice [TOWER] - Parity check finished (1 errors) Description: Duration: 18 hours, 34 minutes, 18 seconds. Average speed: 119.7 MB/s Importance: warning I had this last month as well as I tend to run monthly parity checks. I'm currently at work and will post syslog when I get home. I'm not sure why i keep getting this. Thanks
  6. Well when i first starting using Docker i think the older unifi was only one on "app store" which is why I downloaded it. Till today i deleted the docker and searched the App store and I see 2 unifi apps, so i downloaded your app. Sorry for confusion. Everything is working now.
  7. EDIT - I ended up removing the docker and reinstalling it. Restored my config and now its 5.4.9. Yes and it says no new updates. I'm getting app updates but seems updates not working in docker? I see previous post says the latest unifi update is 5.4.9. posted the update log.... Pulling image: pducharme/unifi:latest IMAGE ID [latest]: Pulling from pducharme/unifi. Status: Image is up to date for pducharme/unifi:latest TOTAL DATA PULLED: 0 B Stopping container: UniFi Successfully stopped container 'UniFi' Removing container: UniFi Successfully removed container 'UniFi' Command: root@localhost:# /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/scripts/docker run -d --name="UniFi" --net="host" --privileged="true" -e TZ="America/New_York" -e HOST_OS="unRAID" -e "TCP_PORT_8081"="8081" -e "TCP_PORT_8082"="8082" -e "TCP_PORT_8443"="8443" -e "TCP_PORT_8843"="8843" -e "TCP_PORT_8880"="8880" -v "/mnt/cache/appdata/unifi/":"/var/lib/unifi":rw pducharme/unifi 3a3f1eb64da1eb3176139dd3663fee5aa9429472383ab52d3412fe85d2a4e15f The command finished successfully!
  8. Was the update pushed already? I'm still showing no new updates and i'm on 5.3.10 controller. image will be updated on friday as part of our regular weekly image refresh schedule. Thanks. Update came through and working fine.
  9. Is there a way I can manually update the docker on my side as I can download the updates via Ubnt?
  10. How often do the docker get updated cuz ubnt has released a few updates.
  11. Last night I upgraded the latest update to 6.22 something like that. Rebooted machine and everything worked.. I just got home w/ a new APC, powered down, plug in the computer to the apc and booted up.. I noticed the thumb drive would just hang there active (i have a light that blinks off the thumb drive). I ended up powering down and i booted it up w/ a monitor and I see it hangs at loading /bzroot..... So what does this mean and what should I do. I do have a backup of my entire flash. I did a quick search on the on the boards and didn't really see anything that mentioned what to do. Thanks