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  1. Yeah remove your existing image. then go click add container on the docker page. click on the template and go down to your user templates... Then click on the openvpn one. Then go to the repository line and change it to linuxserver/openvpn-as:2.6.1-ls11 . That is literally all I had to do.
  2. This is why I love the unraid community. I wait to upgrade, and my issues are already addressed in the forums when I do. This fixed it for me. Thanks, @aptalca❤️
  3. Please post your system diagnostics. Well I had my docker img on an unassigned disk, formatted to ext4. That was not a problem in 6.1. When I instead had it create my image on my cache drive brtfs it recreated it and started. then I had to re-import my containers. which are all still on my ext4 unassigned disk. Is that an anticipated change in functionality?
  4. So I took the update and my docker is destroyed. I can't even get it to recreate a new docker.img is anyone else seeing this?