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  1. Yeah. That x4 is reserved for the P2200 which chills transcoding files for my family accessing plex. It's a monster, I mean I'd buy that even if I had a threadripper at hand. Thanks for your help, really appreciate it.
  2. Thank you for the reply on the heat problem. I was on similar lines but honestly I didn't think of the middle slot to vertical mounting.😬 What about the x8 and x16 bandwidth? Or I shouldn't be too bothered since it's PCIE4 anyways?
  3. Hi all. Built my first server about a year back and was able to get a P2200 before things went "very" crazy on the costs of even the most useless GPU. Could get most of the components I needed from Asus ROG (you can call me a fanboy). I have a couple of issues and doubts. X570 Dark Hero Amd 5900x NHD15 with 1 fan Corsair vengeance pro 4x16 CL18 3600MHz. Lian Li O11 XL Lian Li 120x9 fans (the ones with interconnects) Nvidia PNY P2200 Quadro (transcoding) I'll start with doubts. I was planning to run this system primarily for Plex server and a dual ga
  4. Thanks for the reply. And yes I think a few more things I realized were that virtio lan drivers are limited to 500mbps which is not too great to transfer data. For plex etc I think it should be fine, since most movies are under ~100 mbps, so I do have a lot of headroom. You mention setting VM on cache. What about unassigned devices? Since I have a 2tb nvme and currently its a single drive won't that make better sense? I might be wrong here, but I'm looking for ideas and options. Also I did see a video where space invader passes through a NVME, partitions it and uses one part to boot
  5. So the pool is now compete (for now) 4x4tib disks with one as parity is running successfully (diagnostics attached). First things first... Oh man I miss the NVME VMs. My windows 10 VM took like what seemed an eternity to load and cpus were idling at about 10% for 4C/8T config for the VM. I know when the same VM was on the NVME they were RED (100%) during startup and shutodwn. Another thing I noticed, the data transfer speed has reduced. When I was transferring from TrueNAS to Unraid (1 nvme array) I was hitting 100-110 MBps which is the theoretical bandwidth of a gigabit and though I
  6. YOU MAY IGNORE THIS AND MOVE TO THE NEXT POST. So I have finished replacing my NVME with a spinner and I am now adding two more disks into the array (its still rebuilding) with 1 disk as parity and 1 as Data. I've left the NVME unmounted and my TrueNAS server is mounted to provide data for various dockers (eg Plex). In the long run (short term goal) I want to shift all my vm and jails (dockers) to my Unraid box since that server is now ancient and can barely transcode x265 (4k>720p) and TrueNAS lacks gfx card support. In the long (long term) I might buy new HDDs and shift all th
  7. Thanks. Lemme get my array properly populated and I'll be back. I think it should take about 24 hours give or take.
  8. So I guess all went well. Thanks @trurl. image attached. I managed to create a parity. Took almost 8 hours to do so. Now I've replaced the nvme with a spinner and seems like things will build over the next few hours. I did have a few doubts which I need help with. I did find a few 2019 posts to this topic but not sure if they are still relevant now. How exactly do I 'make' the dockers/plugins/VM go to nvme? Move the app data of all to the NVME and have mover shift them back to data disks? That would involve me mounting the NVME as a cache and moving app data to t
  9. Yes I understand not a raid 5, its more of a one disk failure tolerance. Thanks for the reply.
  10. @Squidthanks once again. Now I'm able to run everything from my TrueNAS box. Also I recently realized you're the person who gave us community apps and number of user plugins. Thanks a lot for all your hard work. (I know you might have gotten tired of it) but still, you deserve it.
  11. So I started my Unraid journey a few days back and running it for a few days with brand new hardware does show me the benefits. Now I've decided to take a plunge into phase 2. I was running Unraid on a single nvme drive (phase 1) and it ran well. I was able to get everything that i needed working and any issues sorted with the help of great members of this forum, community apps and a few videos on YouTube . Now with phase 1 out of the way I've put 4x4tb WD reds that came out of my freenas server. They aren't brand new and 1 of them has an unreadable sector. I'm running preclear on
  12. Thanks again. Thanks for being very patient and helping.
  13. Thanks for the quick and helpful reply. Step 1 completed. Under settings, I've checked Automount and share and script file /boot/config/plugins/unassigned.devices/ has been auto generated. So now I went and added a "PATH" under PLEX docker settings (check attached image) Basically from my understanding (and I guess I'm wrong) Container path should be same path as the other media folder Host Path I selected the share default value should be same as the host path? I know, I'm a n00b, sorry. additional info
  14. Thanks for the quick reply. I was able to mount the server (yippiee), but still not able to find the share on the plex folder. Let me try the plex/docker subthread. Thanks for all the help. I'm sure I'm very close and happy to see a very active and helping community.