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Hi all. Built my first server about a year back and was able to get a P2200 before things went "very" crazy on the costs of even the most useless GPU. Could get most of the components I needed from Asus ROG (you can call me a fanboy).

I have a couple of issues and doubts.

X570 Dark Hero

Amd 5900x

NHD15 with 1 fan

Corsair vengeance pro 4x16 CL18 3600MHz.

Lian Li O11 XL

Lian Li 120x9 fans (the ones with interconnects)

Nvidia PNY P2200 Quadro (transcoding)

I'll start with doubts. I was planning to run this system primarily for Plex server and a dual gaming rig. The 2 gamers 1 PC lookalike. While all OSs are set and installed and able to pass through the P2200 for both sound and video,I think I'll pretty much manage that. Now the question is cards. I'm planning a triple monitor setup where it could be broken into 2 systems and 2 people can game with a monitor each. @SpaceInvaderOneexplained most of it beautifully in his videos. The thing is when and if I get hold of the 3080. Personally I'd like Rog Strix OC 3080 + Strix 3070 or a ROG Strix 6700. I mean I hope you get the point. 2 beefy gfx cards, one capable of 5k (triple monitor) and another capable of 2k. The layout of the PCIE slots is standard sized. 2x16 1x1 (infinity) and 1x16. Obviously I'd want to populate both the heavy gfx card in the top 2 PCIE and run them at x8+x8 for dual gaming. The x16 slots are separated by 3 slots and the gfx cards are the same. The bottom x4 slot will get the P2200. Am I looking at a thermal meltdown? Also when one of the x8 gfx card is not in use (VM shut down) will the remaining card become x16 again for triple monitor? 

A few more questions about the RGB, but right now they sound very puny.


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3090 tuf (2.5 slot) on a dark hero leaves half a slot clearance, which is ok, but the strix is 2.75 slot wide, so you may want to consider a buy a different card to help with thermals.

You can also consider mounting a fan in front of this space to help with airflow.

If noise isn't an issue, you can use msi after burner to ramp up fans to keep area cooler.


Ultimately you will need to move a lot of air in and out of the case to keep up.  One scenario that might help with spacing,: 3070 on top, P2200 on bottom, 3080 on a riser somewhere it can expel heat more easily i.e. vertical mount


I've watercooled my cpu, and will eventually do the same for the GPU to get space back and get better thermals.



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Thank you for the reply on the heat problem. I was on similar lines but honestly I didn't think of the middle slot to vertical mounting.😬

What about the x8 and x16 bandwidth? Or I shouldn't be too bothered since it's PCIE4 anyways?

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PCIe 4.0 x8 = PCIe 3.0 x16 (approximately)

You will need to spend more on a riser to ensure it runs at PCIe4.0 speeds though, many will drop down to PCIe 3.0

I think you'd barely notice a difference in performance, if any... one area to watch, I believe the bottom slot goes though the chipset, so make sure you don't use that slot for gaming.


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Yeah. That x4 is reserved for the P2200 which chills transcoding files for my family accessing plex. It's a monster, I mean I'd buy that even if I had a threadripper at hand. Thanks for your help, really appreciate it.

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