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  1. From your previous posts it looks like you're possibly running esxi, did you update your vmdk (assuming you're booting via that method), or just your USB drive? The vmdk has to be updated as that's what's booting unraid. Sent from a mobile device, sorry for any typos. Thanks, i had completely forgotten about that. Will make sure to update it.
  2. I just noticed in the screenshot it says 5.0.5, where as mine only mentions 5.0 and not 5.0.4. How would i fix this?
  3. Though im a bit late here, can this work if the windows 8 user login is an email address? Edit: Found it, just the first name.
  4. I have tried Ubuntu Linux 32 and Other Linux 32 and i am using version 8, still receiving the error and parity checks.
  5. I get the same error as well, even with a shut down, the next time i boot it mentions a clean shut down was not successful and does a parity check.
  6. I been using 5.0 beta 8 on my esxi and has been working well. So i decided to try RC5 which told me to copy the two files over: bzimage and bzroot. Made a new .vmdk file and added it to esxi. It only gives me basic key and wont read my pro key. Not sure if its an esxi thing or rc5 thing. USB flash drive is mounted as well and added.
  7. On 5.0-beta8d and using the latest simple features plugin. How would i go about disabling the status pop ups as it keeps saying unraid has not started even though it has. Liking the other features.
  8. Im confused on your last sentence, so its not supposed to look like the above if the drives are in the right spot? Alright started it and its doing a parity check again, yet drive 3 and 4 say not installed and grey, will it disappear? fine to remove the hdds for good? EDIT: actually kinda of pointless now, i ordered some hdds 10 mins ago so wasnt really needed, atleast i can put the old ones to use right away. Thanks for your help, much appreciated. I reckon they should update the faq, doesnt mention anything about adding drives and starting. May seem simple but to me it made me worry lol.
  9. Reboot seem to make it all appear again, last question, since im paranoid. Uploaded with That looks all fine right? before i click start. I dont see any "format" lol. Oh since im removing drive 3 and 4. Do i place drive 5 in position 3 or just in its original postion? like how it is now.
  10. Alright, also i rebooted the machine cause i added parity before, but its still showing only one hdd on all the drop down boxes, all others hdds dissapeared. Reboot again?
  11. Umm i just need to read the serials on the front of the hdd, hopefully there in order. So all i need is to readd them? and as long as they say dont format i should be good?
  12. Hey guys, so i wanted to remove 2 drives from my setup. I unassigned them and did the initconfig command thinking that this would just remove the two assigned drives and rebuild parity on the current drives. Though it seems that it reset the whole list making all drives needing to be added, i added the parity drive and then it disappeared. I probably have done something bad lol. Trying to remove those two drives as they not gonna be replaced.
  13. Alright i better do that then, since im waiting for the new hdd.
  14. Oh i never knew unraid could do that, thats pretty cool. I havent actually told unraid to remove it yet. Just wanted to check if i moved the contents off on the right drive. Since im sending it in for rma should i just tell unraid to remove it or just leave it as it is? i will be putting it back in.