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  1. I just installed unraid 4.7 onto esxi 4.1 with raw device mapping and it was working well, no temps or spin down of drives. The transfer speed of files was good, now its stuck at 500kb/sec and i have no idea why. Any ideas?
  2. Damn i had a feeling it could be that, alright i go out and buy a new NIC. Thanks for your reply.
  3. Hey All, I'm liking unraid a lot but i have ran into a few small problems. The past few days i have moved over 500gb of data and its been working well, maybe one or two drops but it didn't bother me. Now its just worse, every time i view a folder, or delete something it will take ages sometimes up 3 mins then just drop while 30 secs ago i was viewing a folder fine. Its very slow. Even a restart wont fix it now. I was transferring some files then after 5 mins it said couldn't find the location, wait a couple of mins and click try again and it will start working. The green bar that loads when accessing the server would take 5 mins then freeze, if i typed in the ip instead of name it would enter fast but still be slow with file access. Using 4.7 3x 1.0TB WD Green Drives (WD10EADS) AMD Athlon 2 235e Asus M4A78LT-M LE Windows 7 Home x64 Using onboard NIC and Controllers. Thanks. syslog.txt