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  1. While this is true yes 99% of the power outages where I live are less than 15min. Which is easily within the run time of my UPS when foldingathome is not running, but, would require a shutdown if it is. I have the system setup to shutdown at 15min reported runtime remaining
  2. Hi, can any one tell me if there is a way to stop docker containers when the server is running off ups power? I have a foldingathome container which i have running on the server which I need to stop if the power goes out and is running on the UPS My UPS is capable of running my unraid server for over 45min if I do not have the foldingathome docker running but only 10min if everything is running at 100% Thanks
  3. OK, here is the new diagnostics Is now a good time to upgrade to the beta?
  4. The 500G docker.img was because I was troubleshooting something and I forgot to change it back, thanks for reminding me. As to the docker and vm not on Cache, I am unsure, I don't remember changing anything but it could be because I only installed the Cache later down the track. Though I believe some of the Vdisk.img are on there. Any hints on remedying that would be appreciated. The Cache also gets used for when dumping files onto the server as fast as possible, so that I can get them in a second location after I for example pull footage off a camera.
  5. ah, My Cache Drive is currently btrfs
  6. I'm happy to include a diagnostics file but I'm not trying to diagnose anything. How would that be useful? I want to know if making the SATA SSD a Parity Cache drive. then removing the M.2 drive from the system is a safe way to go about swaping drives. I cant think why it wouldn't work but, has it been done? I'm just asking before I try it, in case I have overlooked something major. Thanks
  7. Hi Guys, I am looking to "upgrade" my cache drive and want to know if my "easy" way of doing it will work or if it will cause trouble. I was just going to shove my larger SSD into the system and tell it to use it as cache parity drive. Then once its all synced up then remove the old SSD cache drive. I have searched how to upgrade the Cache drive and everyone seems to do it manually, so I wanted to ask if my lazy way would work or if I have to do it manually for a reason. You may be wondering why I don't just leave the old one there for Parity. Well I am going down th
  8. So after a frustrating conversating on the phone with the tech support, I have been told that they dont support Linux based systems. When i asked why the DHCP server was on there server they said that they recomend because some crap about there programme knows where all the computers are or something but gave no actual details. So i asked why it is sending the ssh and telnet requests and he basically just fobbed me off refusing to place fault with there server saying that the requests must be forewarded through there server because it is the DHCP and DNS server. I ha
  9. *It is maintained by our software main software vendor and yes it has full access unfortunatly *Im not realy sure it was setup before i started * I dont know * no clue * probably all sorts
  10. interesting i hadn't considered something else on the network knocking it over. yes i do need , it is the a rental server from one of our software vendors. It was installed before i started and i don't have any access to the server as they don't want us running anything on there server. It is running some sort of windows server edition and runs the domain and DHCP.
  11. sorry, yes i have. it ran with no errors. For how long? about 18h
  12. So, I have a second server the exact same minus the ram upgrade. I have been using it as a test ubuntu server for a while. I installed to a new flash drive a freshly unziped copy of 6.01 made bootable and chucked a drive in it. As i was just trying to register a trial key to test the different set of hardware, BOOM, same issue. Here is the syslog. syslog.txt