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  1. The Fix Common Problems Plugin is reporting that /var/logs is full. I've attached my diagnostics for review.
  2. Is it possible to update the version to the Beta code? I have a case open with Ubiquiti and they’ve asked me to update my Controller to 5.12.60, but the admin login page says that it’s version 5.12.35.
  3. I went through all of the cabling again and all of my drives are being detected and I’m running through a recovery of Disk 1 and Parity 2. Thanks for the help guys! Now I need to looking into flashing my IBM M1015 and Intel RES2SV240.
  4. Welp, I've had quite the afternoon to say the least. After opening the case and attempting to reseat the SATA and power cables on the two missing drives my server wouldn't boot anymore and I was getting Kernel Panic errors at boot. I recreated the USB key as per some of the threads that I found and I'm able to boot successfully now. The kicker is that it would appear that the two disks are being detected again, but now I've got 3 other disks that aren't being detected. Disk 16 is located in a Supermicro DAS.
  5. Logged into my server to see that two drives are listed as failed. The Parity 2 disk is fairly new, so I’m doubting that it failed at the same time as the older Disk 1 drive. I’ve attached a screenshot of the GUI and my diagnostics.
  6. What I love about unRAID is how easy it is to use. I moved from a Windows Home Server machine to unRAID and never looked back! One thing I'd love to see added this year is the ability to access the GUI when I'm not at home.
  7. With US Black Friday and the general Christmas Shopping Season quickly approaching, I thought it might be a good idea to start looking at my options to replace some of the components in my aging 7 year old unRAID NAS. I am in Canada, but we do see some pretty decent sales here as well. Here’s what I’m currently running 750 Watt Antec Power Supply Rosewill RSV-L4500 chassis CPU - Intel Core i7 3770 Mobo - P8H77-V LE (6 SATA connectors) RAM - 4 x 8GB DDR3 2 x IBM M1015 SAS Controllers - one card is using 2 x “SFF-8087 to 4 SATA connectors” cables connect 8 internal SATA drives and the other card is using 2 x “SFF-8087 to SFF-8088” cables to connect to a 2U Supermicro DAS for an additional 12 drives PCI Express SATA controller (only because I didn’t have enough SATA connections for the 15 internal drives) My main use for the server is to host Plex. I usually have 3 or 4 people streaming remotely (transcodes) and 1-2 streaming locally to an Apple TV, Shield TV or Roku (usually direct play). I also run a single Win10 VM that I use when I’m away from home or need to do something that I can’t on my Mac or iPad. The Rosewill chassis 15 drive bays are all full and I’ve got 5 or so drives in the 12 bay Supermicro DAS. I would love to be able to add a GPU so that I can do hardware transcoding in Plex. I think my biggest fear at this time is that either the CPU or motherboard will die and that would require replacing the CPU, motherboard and RAM, so I think that would be what I’m looking to replace in the immediate future since the other components could be replaced as onesie twosie. Anything that can be done to reduce the number of SATA and SAS controllers would probably be a good idea as well. I'm considering AMD based on the lower prices, but would also consider Intel. I'd like to keep my budget around $500 CAD for this project if possible.
  8. I’ve been using Unraid for around 6 years now. Switched from Windows with RAID over file system and never looked back. The simplicity and performance is fantastic. I’ve even had the pleasure of removing from a dead drive and it couldn’t have been simpler. Thanks to you guys and the community and happy birthday!
  9. I'm having an issue connecting when I'm outside of my network. I can connect successfully when I'm at home though. When I put my iPhone on to the cell network I'm not able to connect. I have set the Docker Config with Network Type to Bridge, forwarded ports 943, 9443 (TCP) and 1194 (UDP) and removed the INTERFACE variable. This was working fine in the past, so I'm not too sure why this isn't working anymore. I checked the OpenVPN.log file and I can see that a connection is trying to be established, but is failing for some reason. Looking at the log from the OpenVPN app on my iPhone, it looks like it's trying to connect via UDPv6 when external instead of UDPv4 when connecting internal and I'm not sure if that's what the issue is.
  10. Thanks guys. I’ve confirmed that the DXi6500 is working; a friend of mine lent me an HP RAID card, but it doesn’t do JBOD and will only present the disks to UNRAID if an Array is created on it. I was going through my spare parts drawer and it looks like I’ve got another IBM M1015 card. I’ve flashed it to IT Mode and plugged it into my server and it’s working. Oddly enough, the second PCI Express x16 slot on my motherboard (Asus P8H77-V LE) only operates at x4 and the IBM card is an x8 card. So I guess I can go with option 2 or 3 above without the expansion card. Do you think I’ll have any issues running the IBM card in a x4 slot? Maybe I’ll move the internal drives to that since there’s only 8 and put the DXi6500 on the IBM card that’s in the full x16 slot. Now I need to find some reasonably priced 8088 to 8087 cables of a decent length and quality.
  11. I’ve currently filled all of the drive bays in my case, so I bought a Supermicro QUANTUM DXi6500 storage array off of eBay. I’ve having some issues finding something locally (Canada) to connect this to my to my existing server. I’m using an IBM M1015 flashed in IT Mode, so I was thinking of getting a SAS Expander that has 2 external SFF-8088 connections (to go to the Supermicro server) and a minimum of two internal SFF-8087 to connect my existing drives. Does something like this exist?
  12. I had to delete the dynamix.plg file as well. I was getting the "File not found" error when trying to access the web GUI of the server. I deleted the file, rebooted and then I was able to connect. I too was updating from 6.5.3.
  13. I updated my server, but after the reboot and when accessing the GUI from my iPad or directly on the server, I’m getting a “File not found” error. If I boot into Safe Mode with GUI, I’m able to access the GUI from my iPad and directly from the server. I’ve attached my Diagnostics file.
  14. OK, thanks for the help. Short of removing all of the plugins and re-adding them one-by-one and stopping all of the dockers and starting them one-by-one each day, is there anything else I could do to help ID the troubled one?