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  1. Dear friends, I'd like to connect an USB scanner to my Unraid server to use it in my home network. I'm just a user so, I'm not able to develop a docker myself. Maybe something that use "SANE - Scanner Access Now Easy". What do you suggest? should I try an Arch Linux KVM with sane or something like that? or maybe there is a ready docker for this use? Thank you for your time.
  2. RobJ, thank you for your deep analysis of my log. I'll try to answer to your questions... What do you mean with "REALLY old"? I took the last available log file and those lines are from the day I upgraded the server. Sorry I cannot remember the exact number of corrections. There were many of them, not only at the beginning of the process. Is there any other log file that records these events? No this is not the case, while the process was running I was at work, supervising the process now and then. I was able to access every time so I don't think the server went to s
  3. Thank you for your suggestion. I found out that I had problems with my USB boot stick. After replacement and licence migration all is OK. I still have a minor issue after wake up: the server monitor console doesn't work any more (switched off), but everything else works correctly. I don't know why, but I hardly ever use the console, so this isn't a real problem.
  4. Dear friends, thank you for your help. After USB stick replacement and licence migration, all is OK. So I think that all issues I experienced during server hardware upgrade, were due to reading problems of USB boot stick. I didn't understand why this would affect parity errors, but anyway I could live with this mystery.
  5. First of all thank you for your help and for patience reading my poor English. I followed your suggestion and performed another parity check: success, no error. During the previous parity check a got a lot of corrections on parity disk, but no errors in error column at all. This morning I downloaded the syslog, and found out some strange things. It seems that I have some problems reading the usb flash stick some lines like: Sep 25 09:53:13 Unraid101 kernel: read_file: error 2 opening /boot/config/super.dat Sep 25 09:53:13 Unraid101 kernel: md: could not read superblock from /boot/config
  6. I'm sure that I assigned the parity disk in the correct slot. And I did check "parity already valid". The odd thing is that during parity check a lot of errors have been found. I didn't expect that. Before swapping the two data disks I did a previous parity check without any errors. Anyway, no data loss and a new created parity disk... I just didn't understand why...
  7. @ garycase Thank you, all done. Unraid server up and running, all data preserved. Just a question, now Unraid is doing the new parity check, and it is correcting all the parity disk (parity disk correctly assigned as before), as it was all wrong.... but before proceeding I checked the parity and it was Ok. So: why now it seems that is all wrong? is this normal? I've just switched the slot position of 2 data drives, so I was expecting that the parity would be OK... Just to know: all disks are green, no errors, just rebuilding parity disk
  8. Maybe I could take the second option... is it safe? I don't want to lose data. Could you suggest me the right procedure or point me where I can read the procedure? Thank you.
  9. Sure, here you are: I know that these instructions are for ver. 5.x, but I wasn't able to find anything else for the 6.x release.
  10. Dear friends, I set up the S3 sleep plugin, My Unraid server goes gracefully to sleep and wake up with the magic packet.... but after the wake up it seems that Unraid cannot read the usb flash stick correctly: the log reports some errors, reading blocks from the usb stick. This happens only after S3 sleep, so the usb stick is OK. I think this is due to a delay in the USB power up. Any suggestion to solve this problem? With this issue I cannot use S3 sleep because, after the reading failure, I cannot use some functions (like Unmenu and others) and Unraid starts a parity check....
  11. Dear friends, I recently upgraded to Unraid 6.1.3: everything is OK. After some testing I decided to improve my server, adding some disks and installing Serviio plugin. Everything work as expected, but every time I boot up the Unraid server, I receive this error message on the console: Unraid101 login: /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/Serviio/scripts/rc.Serviio: line 670: [: missing ']' there is just this error, but Serviio works well! Any ideas? @PhAze: thank you for your work, and greetings from Italy
  12. Dear friends, I recently upgraded to Unraid 6.1.3: everything is OK. After some testing I decided to improve my server, adding some disks and setting them up better. All done, all OK. Yesterday I decided to swap DISK 5 slot and DISK 6 slot, to mirror the hardware real position in the server. I followed the instructions, found somewhere in the documentation: 1) Stop the server: OK 2) Unassign DISK 5 and DISK 6: ERROR disks missing, as expected 3) Swap assign disk 5 in disk 6 slot and the other way round: ERROR, different assignment then before, as expected 4) Start the server: OK a