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  1. I went to the discord server and found an answer i thought i would post it here in case it helps anyone else out all i had to do was change set $upstream_app homeassistant; to set $upstream_app home-assistant;
  2. I wanted to start off by saying thank you for your hardwork and making using a reverse proxy easy to use, I am successfully using swag for a lot of different services in my home so i know swag is working great with https I can successfully access my Home-Assistant container from anywhere inside and outside my network with Questions I am trying to get home assistant to work with swag reverse proxy https exactly the same way as my 10 other apps that i have but it is failing
  3. this happened to me... looks like the place i was using doesnt work anymore so i picked a different location... the gui doesnt load if your vpn cant make a connection is what i am assuming
  4. Same thing happened to me... i just deleted the whole container and started over again... unless someone has a better idea
  5. ROFL.. well i feel dumb... looks like qbitorrent wasnt starting because the bahamas.ovpn file wasnt working.. i changed to a different .ovpn file and everything loaded up.... oh well i learned a lot about modules
  6. looks like bahamas isnt working, i changed to a different ovpn and it works now... bahamas must be bugged
  7. Yup i downloaded the zip file at pulled out a .pem .crt and .ovpn and placed them in the /config/openvpn/ directory, i did this like maybe a month ago and everything was working great then maybe a couple weeks ago it just stopped working.. the only thing i can think of is i updated the qbittorrent container via docker compose pull and it stopped working after that
  8. The same thing happened to me but i am running qbitorrentVPN bin hex .... i am using PIA VPN.... i never updated the server which is running kubuntu 18.04.5 i wonder if it was the latest build that has some issues
  9. I have been using this container along with SWAG from on my trusty Ubuntu 18.04.5 standalone server for at least a year if not longer. I dont remember the last time i touched the server much less updated it...its been working great, out of no where the webgui stopped working i get this error 502 Bad Gateway nginx/1.18.0 My logs mentioned modprob: FATAL: Module iptable_mangle not found in directory /lib/modules/5.4.0-54-generic so then i used sudo /sbin/modprobe iptable_mangle and that got resolved but n
  10. welp that settles it... i only changed from qbittorrent because i was too dumb to realize i needed the nextget vpn files and not the old files so i tried deluge and got like 8 megaBytes per second went back to qbittorrent and downloaded 4 Ubuntu ISO's and got to 32 megaBytes without breaking a sweat its absolutely possible different times of the day may of caused this bottle neck but w/e i like the interface of qbittorrent better anways Thanks binhex for great work!
  11. which ovpn file did you pick (what location)? is it one of the approved locations that it mentions in the log when starting deluge
  12. pretty sure its megaBytes per second... which isnt terrible if im downloading 1 torrent with that but if i download multiple Linux ISO i cant pass a total of 8ish which is pretty bad.. im going to try qbittorrent and see if there is any difference
  13. i used to use qbittorrent all the time but i stopped torrenting for like a month and then when i came back it didnt work when i tried after the nextgen switch so i went to deluge, i realized i was using the old openvpnconfig and i am going to retry qbittorrent with the new nextgen opnenvpn config the biggest thing i miss about qbittorrent is total traffic summary as well as total download and total upload.. i cant find a way to enable it on deluge
  14. By looking at your log you are showing the List of PIA Endpoints associated with the OLD open vpn config Here is the new link for the "NEXTGEN" config I literally realized this 12 hours ago after bashing my head for a few hours on why qbittorrent wasnt working nextgen has a lot more end points
  15. I have a 1 gig fiber connection I live in the USA I used to run the old arch-qbittorrentvpn using PIA and selecting France as the PIA endpoint and i would easily get 100megabits per second or more which is fine for me before the "next gen" crap I am trying Deluge now since it seems to have a lot more pulls than qbittorrent but i am only getting like 6-8 megabits per second and thats after trying to download a few Linux ISOs all at the same time to see my maximum using Mexico, France, Bahamas seem to get around 12 megabits per second for me Deluge