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  1. I'm currently using openmediavault (OMV), but would like to switch to unraid. I've tested unraid before and have been really happy but was missing one vital feature. On the OMV platform there is a Plugin which based on HDD activity, CPU usage, Network activity and time period will automatically shutdown my server. So for example, if I turn of my Laptop and it's after 1am the plugin go through a number of checks and then decides whether to shutdown the server or not. This enables be to save about 12€ on my electricity bill every year. Is there something comparable for unraid?
  2. I'm sorry for asking such a blatant question, but how do I add user? I know that I can add users in the "User Permissions" tab from the Web interface, but as far as I know these must some how correlate to the users in Unraid. I appreciate the help. Daniel
  3. Ah I did not know that with the Unassigned Devices. Now I just need a way to revert my changes. EDIT: Well I tried to rebuild the Filesystem and then fix it with fsck but was unsuccessful, I assume that someone could have fixed it, but as the data on the drive wasn't of great importance I have reformatted the drive.
  4. I wanted to play around with Unraid 6 so I installed it to a usb stick an let my nas boot. Wanted to play around with docker I saw that I needed to start an array. As I was not sure if Unraid6 supported the ext4 file system (I expected it to so one could transfer data, but it turns out it doesn't) I started the array (with no parity on my drive). I saw that it did not recognise my FS so I stopped the array again and booted in my old os. During the process I did not format the drive But now the file system seems to be corrupted. Is there any way to fix this?