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  1. Instructions on github docker page seems to be incorrect for the new version. Required Contents of the file config.ini are. [main] locast_username=<locast username> locast_password=<locast password> plex_accessible_ip=<ip found in step 1> Use locast_username and locast_password instead of username and password otherwise it will give error username not specified
  2. Iphone was the main reason i wrote this plugin. You have to attach/detach multiple times for Iphone to work.
  3. Sorry guys. I am still using stable unraid release. If you want i can give u access on git so you can contribute a fix. And if you want to fork it you can go ahead with that as well.
  4. Did you try detaching the device before attaching. Sometimes when you remove the device it remains attached to the VM. So select the same device Detach it and then try to attach it again.
  5. Brilliant and to the point. You rock. I will test it. If its as simple as the article says. I think i can finally bring the requested functionality.
  6. I knew about the persistent option. But i didn't include it since it modifies the Domain XML file which will be redundant since this functionality is already available in VM Manager. If someone wants to associate a USB device with a VM permanently they can do it from VM Manager instead of my plugin. But one thing i need help with is reattaching the USB device automatically back to VM when someone physically remove the USB and replug it while the VM is running. I understood that udev handles all physical devices attached to a linux machine. But coudnt figure out how to isolate only fe
  7. Well i am currently maintaining the plugin as its in my regular use. So will fix any issues caused by upgrades of Unraid Versions (Curently works with 6.1 and 6.2 Beta). As for your request it will not work with this plugin. This plugin works with USB attach functionality built in into QEMU (Virsh). It works with USB Hubs but cannot pass-through the HUB itself. Only able to pass-through Devices plugged into a HUB. I found this from Proxmox Documentation which also uses QEMU. Also i am using the same library of Unraid to display devices which is used in VM Page. Which specific
  8. I am glad you like this plugin. I understand the frustration. I had to restart OSX VM multiple times for it to Detect G9X Mouse. For plugin to poll for devices and add them automatically. It is possible using UDEV. I will explore the possibility further and will update the plugin.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. Please Update the plugin. Version 2016.03.13 fixes the VMs with Space " " Issue. Also 6.2 Beta introduced Major USB 3.0 Changes. So on final release it should fix Issues related to USB Speed. Also tested my plugin on 6.2 Beta 18 it seems to be placed at the Correct Position on VMs Page at the bottom instead of top on version 6.1.X
  10. Can you try the following. Take a backup of your XML configuration and then change your USB Controller to model 'nec-xhci' For Example <controller type='usb' index='0' model='ich9-ehci1'> <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x02' slot='0x02' function='0x7'/> </controller> to <controller type='usb' index='0' model='nec-xhci'> </controller> I was facing issues with Iphone Detected in first attempt. After changing the model of USB Controller it started working in single go. This fix is discovered m
  11. From the error mentioned above. It seems like you are Plugging the usb 3.0 device into a usb 2.0 port on the host machine. Please confirm
  12. My main use is for IOS Development on OSX. I was getting tired of restarting OSX everytime i want to plug-in my device.
  13. Libvirt Hotplug USB This is my first plugin and alpha release. Unraid Plugin for Hot-plugging USB Devices to Running VMs. Libvirt Hotplug USB allows mounting of USB Devices (e.g. Keyboard, Mouse, iPhone, FlashDrive etc) on running VMs. It uses virsh to attach the Devices which avoids Conflicts between different VMs. Works perfectly with all of my USB Devices except iPhone, which requires detaching and attaching multiple times to be detected in the VM. To install this plugin, paste the following URL into the Plugins / Install PlugIn section: https://raw.githubuserconte