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  1. Hi Switch it out and issue will be gone 100% K
  2. Hi *update* bought new CPU and everything back to the way it should be. I am guessing that because previous CPU was a G model (can use on board graphics) and this one is not then that must have been the issue, although happy to be corrected. Thanks K
  3. Hi Buddy Thank you so much for the update and keeping up with this, I am getting nowhere with, I have updated to stable yes, all it did was change the cores that are 100%. because its limiting my CPU I bought a Quadra card and followed Space Invaders latest video and now my Quadra is doing all the transcoding to my CPU is no longer going to flat out with only two people transcoding - but this is not a solution to the issue. Looking in HTOP and logs I can see that system is trying to run a lidarr.exe file from appdata not sure if this is it but not sure how to stop that. tha
  4. Hi yes, well spotted, its all working I didnt notice that at time I was just trying to add more devices and get it sorted. Image was wrong I should have added one where my friend was watching from his PC. Thank you anyway for info. Best wishes K
  5. Hi Guys I know I keep asking but can somebody please help me with this, even if I got to pay somebody to do for me, this has been frustrating as hell and been going on for months. Even if I have to rebuild server with new CPU, change back to intel, delete whole thing and start again, please just end this for me 😞 the CPU doesnt even do my transcoding, that is done by my GPU but still 2 cores at 100% 24/7, I am happy to try anything. K
  6. Hi just done it, its all in the first post dood. K
  7. Hi Thank you ich77, now working and Squirrellydw - yes its great. Thanks K
  8. Hiya Firstly, thank you for fantastic tutorial and guide, then sorry for whatever my failure is....I have tried and tried to get "hw" on the transcoding on plex (with pass and using binhex plexpass image) but epic failure. I have Quadro P400 card and all seems correct but duh.... please can somebody point me to my error.
  9. Hi Icecream Thank you, I tried that and no change. K
  10. Hi Ok just updated to new stable release and no change. I have just set up my friends server with a ryzen and no such issue on his so assuming its hardware and as nobody on any of the help contacts has come up with solution I am assuming faulty mainboard or CPU so now working on a replacement. I am worried if I get new mainboard and CPU and then find this continues I may totally lose the plot however. In Answer to Jons question earlier in thread - it is not just cosmetic it is definitly effecting performance. Many thanks K
  11. Hi Hmmm, thank you so much, so what should I do, do you think I should revert to stable, do fresh install or? Best wishes K
  12. Hi Thank you for your help, yes they are. Thanks K
  13. Hi ehmmm, not sure what next move is, perhaps clean/fresh install ? thanks K
  14. Hi Thanks for reply, that is my current PC, from which I access dashboard and watch content sometime. best wishes
  15. Hi Just to update as requested please find attached diagnostic file. Many thanks K