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    im really surprised there isnt anyone who has requested this. i think it should be built into unraid by default. at the moment i am using a plugin which hasnt been touched for a while, tbh not even sure its being maintained. it would be awesome as well if the full snmp map was setup so we can pull all possible data. including hdd temps.
  2. this test was run while i was downloading guest cpu was sitting around 7% Dynamic - Pinned - now im no expert on the latency readings but there isnt much diffrence between the two as far as i can see... am i wrong ?
  3. thought id share this as well this is a screenshot of my processor's load from the past week i wanted to point out that none of my cores have gone above 50.7% usage and i am currently running 6 guests 4 dockers (which includes plex) i am also playing around with dynamic memory on one of the windows guests.. seems to be working ok but it allocates the max memory rather than the min then bursting up (maybe this is a windows 7 bug, will do some more testing with this)
  4. yeah you will need to remove any isolation so that unraid has access to all the cores.
  5. Hi Guys, really sorry for the delay ok so here we go... so a while ago i found a video on how to manage unraid vms with virt-manager. (bottom of post) so i watched the video made the change but hadnt touched it since. i finally connected to unraid with virtual machine manager and noticed that it did not have any settings to pin processors to guests. so i thought ok this is intersting... so i changed the cpu configuration model type to Hypervisor Default and set the processor count to 4 i then went back into unraid and edited the xml on for that guest and removed the processors p
  6. if you are running a gaming vm then i would run run the ssd with unassigned drives and have it dedicated to just that vm
  7. so im currently playing with dynamic cpu allocation aka not pining processors to a specific vm. i currently have 1 vms running in dynamic config. which is being used download stuff (windows) - 1 socket 2 cores 2 threads (4 vcpus) i have another 4 vms which i am going to convert over to dynamic allocations and see how it goes but at the moment i cant see much performance decrease and this way i can allocate as many processors i like to each guest. baring in mind these guests are not doing anything cpu intensive. my processor rarly goes over 6% usage (Xeon E5-2620) and i have 5
  8. Hi All, my docker.img file was running on 2 SSD's in a mirror with BTRFS and using Unassigned Devices to mount it. so i upgraded to 6.2 last week and thought id finally reboot. after i rebooted i noticed that the docker would not start. so i deleted the image and attempted to recreate it ( no file was created on the file system ) changed the path of the docker.img to a disk thats in the array aka disk1 and it created a docker.img file without any issues. so i thought ok ill create it on disk 1 then move it back to the mirror but still no go. it tells me the image needs to be r
  9. Hi All, so i recently decided to build a best of a machine for unraid to run on. i moved everything from my old setup to the new one and i am now getting the following error in the log every second Apr 23 12:58:01 Storage kernel: dmar: DRHD: handling fault status reg 702 Apr 23 12:58:01 Storage kernel: dmar: DMAR:[DMA Read] Request device [04:00.0] fault addr ffe5a000 Apr 23 12:58:01 Storage kernel: DMAR:[fault reason 06] PTE Read access is not set Apr 23 12:58:01 Storage kernel: dmar: DRHD: handling fault status reg 2 i have done some googling and come across this https
  10. aaaaaaaaand you my friend are a legend,that seems to have done the trick. any ideas why it would have worked fine before using the onboard sound card ?
  11. ok so here goes i had unraid working fine with a virtual machine and graphics and sound passed through to the guest but unfortunately i broke unraid and had to reinstall. i got a brand new usb setup the array and let the parity run and everything was sweet. i then spent the next couple of nights figuring out how to passthrough the SSD drive to the guest. got that all running sweet with graphics card via vnc. now every time i try and pass through the graphics to the guest my unraid locks up and i have to force restart the machine. i originally had issues with the graphics not workin