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  1. Replacing the cable did the trick. Will do the update after the parity check. Thanks guys!
  2. Hi A few weeks ago my Asrock C2550 died (again). Today I received a new one and after installing everthing in the case again and starting unraid I had 1 faulty disk. I tried to rebuild by unassigning the disk and then assigning it again but the parity check stopped and said it has read errors. SMART overall-health says Passed so I'm not sure if the disk needs to be replaced or not. I added a diagnostic zip tower-diagnostics-20180417-2042.zip
  3. Thanks guys. After some more research it seems I'm not the only one. Lots of Asrock C2550 and C2750 boards are dying because of the Watchdog feature. It's overwriting the BMC flash memory chip a lot until it dies. I found lots of people where the board died after 12 to 24 months. Asrock is aware of the problem and is going to fix it but until then better disable it asap. If you're in the US RMA is not that difficult, the rest of the world needs to contact Taiwan and getting them to asnwer is not that easy. So we'll see how the RMA process goes...
  4. no access anymore I hooked up a screen but it doesn't post. took out all the drives the ethernet connector blinks yellow on one side the fans work, the drives were making (normal) noises on the motherboard there is a blinking light just below the memory slots and a constant burning one on the bottom in the middle. took out the memory, now the blinking light below the slots is burning constantly anyone with a D2550 that can tell me something about those lights on the mobo? if it's a memory problem shouldn't it at least post? no matter what i try the screen says no signal edit: silly mistake: it's not a supermicro but an Asrock board C2550D4I
  5. Hi Today the connection to my unraid server was gone. After a reboot everything seemed to work but when i checked the log there were constant errors. I'm running 6.2 on a Supermicro D2550. I tried to play a movie and it worked but there were occasional stutters. I stopped the array and the errors keep going, sometimes it says reason 61, other times reason 71. CPU problem? I tried google but not really getting any wiser. Hope someone can help me