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  1. Sorry to bump an old thread but did you by chance figure out what was wrong? I'm having the same issue with my R310. CUrrently updating all the firmware now... verified my media and memory is healthy already.
  2. My old nas is a homemade AMD based system with 6 drives(maxed out) My new nas is running a trial license so I could make sure it would work okay. The new nas is also Intel based and obviously has completely different hardware. Am I going to run into any issues if I simply move my USB from my old nas to my new one and also move the drives over?
  3. Been using unraid for several years now and I recently got some new hardware with the ablity to hold more drives and more NICs. This new nas is running a trial license of Unraid and is Intel. What's the best way to move my drives and config from my old nas to my new one? Potential issues I see is that the old nas is AMD based and new one is Intel. Am I going to botch my config when unraid tries to load and the entire system is different? Is there a way to transfer my current license from one USB(old nas) to another USB(on the new nas, currently running a trial) Is that even what I want to do?
  4. I think that's what I need to do, just not sure where the specific logs are saved.
  5. From 2a-5a every night something is using a ton of bandwith... looks like it's maxing out my upstream data. Is there some kind of way to figure out what is using so much data? I'm usually up around that time anyways so if I have to sit in front of some real time app I can.
  6. I am wondering if the rebuild or whatever it's called happens quicker if I have fewer/no dockers and VMs running. At first they all started when I started the array to start parity rebuild but since then i've shut down most of them. Does it actually help or should I just leave everything running. The ETA to complete the rebuild fluctuates a bit but basically says it will be done by late tonight and I started it late last night.
  7. So basically... 1. Shut down the computer and connect the 10TB 2. Turn on the computer and let Unraid load up. Before starting the array there is an option to set the new 10TB as a parity drive. 3. Start the array and Unraid will start rebuilding the parity to the new 10TB drive. 4. Once parity has been rebuilt to the 10TB drive, go and format the old 8TB parity drive and add it to the array Then, I have an additional 8TB of storage.
  8. I guess I don't know what all happens when you do a new config. At first it sounds data destructive but I'm sure I'm just not understanding it correctly.
  9. I have 3 4TBs, and 1 8TB currently and I want to add a 10TB HDD. So it goes without saying that my 8TB is my parity drive and when I add the 10TB drive, it will become my new parity drive. What's the proper way to add the disk?
  10. I was about to use rsync via command line but I was wondering if there was a docker/plugin with a pretty little interface that lets me select certain shares and tell it to backup to my google drive. Thanks in advance!
  11. I had 4x4TB drives and I got a new 8TB drive. Obviously if I want to add this to my system I have to replace my parity drive. So I pulled my parity 4TB drive out and put my 8TB drive in. Assigned it to parity and the rebuild started going. It's within a couple hours away from being complete(so it says) and I was just wondering how I can still use the other 4TB drive that I was using for parity. I'm assuming once the parity rebuild completes I can shut down my server and readd the old 4TB drive and assign it to a slot. Doing this will erase all the info on that disk, but that's okay right since the parity drive completed the rebuild? Once that happens then Unraid will start storing data on the 4TB again and thus increase my total storage from 12TB to 16TB?
  12. Running 6.3.4 I noticed that when I run top in CLI, mono is running at 100%. I've narrowed it down to Sonarr causing it, because when I stop sonarr, mono goes away.. or at least stops running at 100%. I checked the logs in Sonarr and it doesn't seem to be doing anything... actually it's pretty idle(no downloads, no scanning..) when I checked, but no matter what Sonarr seems to be doing, it causes Mono to run at 100% from the second I start it up, and runs at 100% for days on end. I checked the logs on the docker image itself and it doesn't seem to be doing anything. I've seen where some people found the docker continuing to try to auto update when it's already updated.. or it keeps trying to start the docker when it's already running, but that doesn't seem to be what's going on with my setup.
  13. I got Grafana installed but having trouble adding a datasource. From what I understand graphite is built in but unsure how to use it.. what port to use and all those other settings. I tried to use InfluxDB but the web gui doesn't load. I guess they removed it in a certain version so I'm unsure how to use it.
  14. Success! Repair was complete and my system is back up and running! Thanks a lot!
  15. I'm assuming this is "asking for -L" since I can't mount the disks.