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    Tower cases with 5.25" drive bays top to bottom...

    AFAIK the Xclio Nighthawk case was never marketed under the A+ brand (other Xclio cases were), in any case, the manufacturer is no longer in business. Yes, the case has 9 x 5.25" bays so you can fit an additional 3 x 5.25" cage for 3.5" hard drives.
  2. tal.aloni

    Tower cases with 5.25" drive bays top to bottom...

    Thanks for the list! it has been very helpful! I was able to find a Xclio Nighthawk for a really good price, I have replaced the hideous side and top fans with a transparent gray acrylic sheet (3 mm), so now the case is slightly thinner and more elegant. The shop that provided the acrylic material and did the laser cutting only charged me 20$ for the two transparent panels (I'll be happy to share the file that was fed to the laser cutting machine). The built-in 4-in-3 cages are surprisingly good because when you open the front cover you can see the serial numbers of the drives and pull each of the drives separately (my Lian Li EX-23NB has a fan in front so you can't see the serial number of the drives, and you likely have to pull the entire thing out to get one drive out) (p.s. It took me a while to realize, but the metal pins in the drive trays pop out, and you can use screws instead of the tool-less configuration which requires too much force to use) The case is not very deep (473 mm including the front panel, 440 mm without the front panel), I'm now waiting for a right angle molex power connector because without it I can't fit one of my Kingwin KF-3001-BK racks, I have 20 mm clearance from the motherboard power connector so a right angle connector is a MUST for me.
  3. Had the exact same problem (Gigabyte GA-880GMA-UD2H), which was solved after updating the BIOS to F6f. It took me a while to locate this beta BIOS update, so here it is. EDIT: I had some on-screen horizontal lines with random colors appear occasionally in Windows when using the onboard GPU with BIOS version F6e / F6f, the problem was solved when I reverted back to version F5. (perhaps this is the reason this BIOS version never made it past beta). I found out I can work-around the issue by using an external GPU.