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  1. Thanks. I didn't know about this. I was wondering what was up.
  2. What version of PlexPass Server is your docker currently on? Mine has been on Version and it still says it's up to date when I check for docker updates. same with all your other dockers I use. I haven't had any updates listed for about two months now.
  3. Version was released two days ago on Mar 21, 2016. Any word on when the update will be available for your Docker container? edit: It's been a week now and Docker is not showing an update available but Plex web has been telling me about the update for days. Is my Docker not working or is the update still not available for your container?
  4. Are you running the 6.1.9 version of unraid, if not upgrade the plugin as mine did this before I was already running 6.1.9 but I got it to come back by just re-adding the container back from the '"My containers" section. All the settings were still there and Plex works.
  5. I just upgrade to the latest version today and after the upgrade the server disappeared from Docker and is no longer there.
  6. This would be achieved using a specific tag for the version of deluge you want to use, unfortunately i dont have tags that go that far back so for now i can only offer you deluge 1.3.12, im assuming then they only support deluge 1.3.11 or earlier? Correct, they list 1.3.1, 1.3.5, 1.3.6, and 1.3.11 as supported, but not 1.3.12
  7. Is there any way to specify which version of Deluge is installed with this Docker container? I have an IPTorrents account which I currently can't use with Sonarr because of their strict rules on what torrent clients can be used with their tracker and I can't figure out how to install older versions of programs when using their Docker versions.
  8. Hello, this is my first post. I just bought unRAID exactly two weeks ago on the 14th and finally finished setting up my server hardware. I ran into a few problems and learned a few things but I was able to figure them out by using Google. My current problem is not unsolvable. I already found the topic covering it here What I would like to know is why this happened. I just bought, installed, and setup unRAID and in that time there was one update the very day after I bought my key. I never ever installed a BETA version of unRAID yet