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  1. thank you i will have a look after the 4th time of running deep analyser. What partition should i change it to when I find it?
  2. Hi Everyone, I tried moving my disks to a computer that had an Adaptec 6405 adapter and after reading it would be okay I initialized 3 of my 4tb disks and added to JBOD. This seemed to have lost all of my data by corrupting the GPT partition. I am in the process of trying to recover my partitions with Testdisk but I am struggling to work out what partition to set it to after running the deeper search. I am pretty sure I know which is the partition to recover but there are a lot of options to select and I do not want to stuff anything up. It takes half a day to search so when I accidentally go back too far I have to rerun the test. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. So what is the general consensus on how much overhead or performance we lose on the CPU compared to barebone. I have done some low resolution testing and it seems somewhere in the 30+% loss in vm. This is not usually noticed when gaming in higher resolution and detail but I am starting to notice cpu limitation in a few games. I have confirmed all of my settings are correct so I am sure that isn't the problem. Maybe one of the developers could give some insight into this?
  4. I have tested barebone compared to the vm and found although 1080p gaming is quite good when i put the lowest resolution and detail to test the cpu i get at least 30% loss of performance witcher 3 i get 146fps in the vm and barebone i get 200fps but the video card is running at 100%. I expected 10% but i found in quite a few scenarios to lose around 30%. I have all the correct settings and tested many different configurations to have the same result. I am happy with the gaming performance but i feel the 2670 needs as much single threaded performance it can get and it appears to have more overhead than i expected.
  5. I am getting a fair bit better performance on this new update i was starting to get some inconsistent performance which has been solved
  6. Has anyone worked out how to get the unraid console to show the cpu frequency again in the load statistics? I had it in versions older then 23.
  7. Hi Fresh did you sort your problem out? I have the same cpu's and motherboard and i have sorted all my speed issues out key points were 1. on the boot flash drive: isolate the cores you want to use for vm so unraid cannot use them 2. I actually found hyper threading lost me performance so i only assigned 4 cores per vm (i previously had 6 cores but it is running lower fps at 6 cores atm possibly didn't assign emulatorpin cpuset enough resources) 3. My machine gets higher fps with hyperv option on Flash Drive settings I added append isolcpus=1-14,17-30 initrd=/bzroot This isolates all my cores except "0-16" and "15-31" for unraid to use CPU Settings in xml <cputune> <vcpupin vcpu='0' cpuset='2'/> <vcpupin vcpu='1' cpuset='3'/> <vcpupin vcpu='2' cpuset='4'/> <vcpupin vcpu='3' cpuset='5'/> <emulatorpin cpuset='6-22'/> </cputune>
  8. I play on an amd and find the performance is very good no issues at all. The pinning of cpu cores helped me and i need to run hyperv on for it to run well
  9. Hi Guys i have been attempting overclocking with my AMD 290 video card and have noticed i get some serious locking up when the overclock fails. Maybe i assumed wrong but i didnt think the whole machine would freeze if the small overclock pushed the machine past it's limits. Is this expected behavior? i have been using msi afterburner
  10. I had this issue as well its a big problem when it is using 40 % of 2 2670s just watching youtube. I also noticed cpu was under user and when you use gpu it goes to system. Not sure i noticed this before 6.2 beta
  11. how did you fix the gui boot image missing?
  12. Mine has been hanging when accessing the second disk which is a share on the array where the games are. It then causes the gui to hang so far a reboot is the only way for gui to come back
  13. When i try to boot to the gui it tries and then gives me the boot selection again. It doesnt seem to spit out an error. Is there a way to open the gui after booting the normal unraid option
  14. so have you guys with dual 2670 have you sorted out the cpu pinning yet? im getting unusual results when running multiple vm's
  15. Hi Brit i tried your settings and i was getting very low performance what cpu's are you using?