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  1. The thing I like most about Unraid is the ability to build your own Storage and Compute appliance to a level that meets your requirements. Coming from a Synology, I'd love to see a way to connect to my NAS without a VPN or Port forwarding like Quickconnect. More applications from the community similar in functionality to the built in apps. (DS Photo, DS File, Drive/Cloud, DS Audio DS Cam, etc) though I do realize some of this functionality probably does exist with some Dockers (I'm still discovering!)
  2. I'll check out that docker. Thank you!
  3. I didn't see this anywhere else, apologies if this has been posted before. I would love to see unraid offer file sharing links. Currently Synology does this - https://www.synology.com/en-us/dsm/5.2/file_sharing Its a link directly to a file or folder on your NAS that you can email to friends/family. You can customize its validity period, require authentication etc. Obviously this requires some sort of DDNS component for your nas. (Synology uses their own quickconnect service) Is this something anybody else would use or benefit from? Or any thoughts on alternative methods from any of the unRaid community? Thanks all!
  4. Appreciate the feedback all. I agree, I think I'll see what 6.3 holds, but am so close. Impressive stuff for sure. Keep up the good work Limetech! Sorry I should have clarified for "backup" I simply meant a way to replicate one unraid server to an offsite location via rsync or something like that. Currently I have two synology devices, and device 1 replicates to device 2 offsite. I did the initial backup onsite, and then took the second unit offsite so only the deltas has to sync over the WAN. I'll have to test using OSX TM backups.
  5. I'm SOOOO close to switching to unRAID. Currently I have my "compute" layer, which is an ESXi 6.0 server (Xeon-D 1540 - 32GB ECC RAM and a 500GB SSD) and my "storage" layer - Synology DS1512+ with 12TB. I'm looking to combine those two with unRAID. Some items give me pause however. 1. Are there plans to implement a GUI level rsync/backup feature? (yes I know I can do this all via CLI, but I'm just thinking from a simplicity standpoint) Isn't the goal the market this more towards the users that are buying the NAS boxes? 2. App/Docker catalog. It's pretty simple to point unRAID to a URL and install a docker app. Was very impressed with the testing I did. Are there plans to make a catalog of either community or "Lime-Technology" approved applications/docker? Something browse-able with a brief description of the app and one click in install (coming from a synology so this is just what I'm used to) 3. with Docker apps, are they limited on resources? (IE like ESXi I assume so many cores and so much ram to a VM) not a huge deal as I don't think Plex would run away with resources or anything. 4. Snapshot capability - I believe this is possible with BTRFs 5. Task scheduler - (for snapshot / backup jobs mentioned above) 6. OSX Time machine backup targets? Is this possible? Looked like it was a workaround via CLI that might require tinkering. I just don't want something that will "break" every subsequent unRAID upgrade and require tinkering to get it working again. Again, obviously I know that there are workarounds for some of these items. I'm comfortable doing some CLI stuff, again, I'm also asking thinking of family members and setting up these devices vs a NAS box but I NEED to keep it simple. unRAID so far seems like a great product and am impressed with the amount of features it offers after a relatively short amount of development time. I look forward to seeing it's growth in the future! Appreciate anybody's input and thoughts.
  6. I would love this! Yes, I know its completely possible to do via CMD, but the goal is to make unRAID more approachable for all users right? The gui is the reason those weaker, more expensive set-top NAS devices do so well, they have great, pretty simple, software (speaking of Synology and QNAP)