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  1. I just experienced this issue as well but from another angle. My desktop does not have any touch screen monitors however when I remoted in from my work laptop that did I experienced the disappearing mouse. I was able to get it back after rebooting the desktop. What is weird is that I manage my VMs all the time when RDP in to my desktop from the work machine (without touching the screen) Ubuntu VM as well so RDP wasn't an option. Unraid 6.4.1 Hopefully a fix will come soon!
  2. Just wanted to say Thanks for this thread, was running into all sorts of issues after I had to do a new config due to a bad SATA cable. Upgraded to Unraid 6.3.5 and reiserfsck actually was able to correct the issues identified. Cheers!
  3. I did not! That seems to be the missing link for me. Thank you so much for the assistance!
  4. Can someone tell me the specific URL to add to get Diginc's template loaded to the docker tab? I was able to run the command via ssh and it just loaded up a broken image and pi-hole that was inaccessible for configuration. The ssh command was docker pull diginc/pi-hole from I keep seeing screenshots of people who are able to edit the variables from template mode but am unsure how to get it to pull in the first place. I have dug through all 8 pages of this and I cant find an actual step by step install process of this docker image. Templat