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  1. this seems to have done it, thanks for taking a look! 👍
  2. Im really hoping someone can help, i updated to 6.9.0 yesterday and stupidly didnt back up and unraid kept becoming unresposnive via the web gui about 15 mins after the nas was tunred off and back on. Ive tried to find an error in the syslog but dont really know what im looking for. I updated to 6.9.1 today hoping this would fix the problem, but no change to the freezing up. should i be looking at any other logs? Please let me know if i should post this elswhere. thanks syslog
  3. thanks guys. yep its definitely the lack of ram. ill be upgrading my nas box soon so will just wait until then
  4. ive currently got unraid 6.3.3 running fine and when i try to update via the plugins tab i get: plugin: updating: unRAIDServer.plg plugin: downloading: ... failed (File I/O error) plugin: wget: download failure (File I/O error) can anyone help? thanks