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  1. Thank you! this is helpful
  2. Hi all, apologies for the noobie question- My unRAID box is has been running solid for nearly 10 years now on the same hardware. I'm finally looking to upgrade and run some VM's. I am confused about the hardware passthrough though. If I were to passthrough Graphics or sound for example, exactly how would I be interfacing with the Virtual machine? I assume you can't game over VNC with bare metal performance? Would I need to be connected directly to the server in order to pass through hardware? or is there some other way to interface with my VMs? thanks! F
  3. Had the same issue, used the same fix and it solved my problem! many thanks!
  4. I'm in the market for a new motherboard for my unRAID box. Looking for RAM/processor as well. Any recommendations out there? Reliability is most important. Really just want something that's going to run stable with built in video and will do the job for a reasonable price. thanks! S
  5. Hello Johnm, thank you for the reply! Dumb question, but how would I go about mounting the drive in my unRAID box outside of the array? thanks!
  6. Thank you! I'm running version 4.7. My syslog is attached syslog.txt
  7. Hoping someone can help me with this. I just populated my unRAID box with 8 more HD's. All of these Drives are on a Supermicro AOC-SASLP-MV8 Marvell 6480 8 Channel SAS/SATA RAID PCI-E Card. After a week of use I just realized that none of the 8 drives on this controller ever go to sleep. I have 20 drives in the box and all the other drives sleep when inactive (have a 45 min time out policy) but the drives on the Marvell controller never sleep. What's worse is that 7 out of the 8 drives I put in the box have NO data on them. So I know they're not staying awake because of disk activity. Anyone else experience this? thanks!
  8. Hello- This past weekend I had the unfortunate privilege of moving to a new house. In the middle of this one of the movers cracked my USB drive as it was sticking out of my unraid box. The drive is literally in 2 pieces right now. I can't recover any of the data from it and my computer doesn't even recognize it as anything when I tried to put it back together. My concern isn't so much around how to get a new USB drive and key file, but rather- what will happen to my data once I have a new USB drive put into my computer? I don't have a backup of the config file either (doh!). Any help is much appreciated Thanks!!!
  9. Thank you! I have a new drive in there currently rebuilding, going to take about 2000 minutes. Hopefully things go smoothly. They really need to have an updated firmware where I can setup email traps for things like this. I am sure this can be done from a mod, but I really don't want to mod. thanks again, people!
  10. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/13342393/syslog Here's the syslog. Working on the Smart report
  11. Thank you, I will get that information. What if I have another 2 TB backup drive. Can I power down the box, put the new drive in and have it rebuild? I'm assuming this won't work because the current drive is red, this indicates it's not part of the array? thanks!
  12. Hey guys, I'm happy to report a successful migration! However I am having an issue that existed before I even moved the drives to a new motherboard. One of my disk's has a red circle next to it and it doesn't look like I can do anything to repair this. Even when I spin the drive down. Any help is much appreciated. thanks!
  13. Thanks, guys! I bought a Norco RPC 4020 and it arrives on Monday. Gonna do the migration then. I'll let you know how it goes. best!
  14. My A8N32 SLI Asus motherboard just took a dump on me. I need a new motherboard. Does anyone here have any experience with moving all my drives (there's 10 of them) to a new motherboard without losing any of my data? What's the safest way to do this without losing anything? I thought maybe rebuild a new machine with only the flash drive in, then add the parity drive and go one at a time. I think I have to maintain the same order of drives in the new box as they were in the old box (channel-wise). But if I get a totally new mobo with a different channel layout would this still be possible? Any help is much appreciated. thanks!