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  1. No one has ever dealt with this? I thought it might be hardware related so I swapped so suspicious hardware but it is still happening! Mostly under heavy load. That just reaffirms my beliefs that it is QEUM/KVM/VM related. Any advice??
  2. Thank you! That is exactly the type of simple verification method I was looking for. I guess that was added with the Glitter UI update.
  3. Hi team, I'm looking for any "real" way to verify that the VPN tunnel is exclusively handling Sabnzbd traffic? The Deluge torrent method is a hassle of setting up, and there should really be a built-in means in OpenVPN to see where traffic is going. For instance, if I check ifconfig I see that eth0 has slightly more bandwidth transferred than tun0. Is that because ifconfig is logging the data on eth0 along with tun0 or is it exclusively going out through tun0? Also, with my PIA VPN turned on, I get the same connection speed as with it off, which is concerning seeing as there should be some overhead if I am tunneling through the VPN. -How can I verify the tunnel is "actually" connected and that all Sabnzbd traffic is going through it? -What is the deal with the readings from ifconfig? -Why am I getting the same bandwidth with the VPN on as I do off? -Does Sabnzbd run whether or not a tunnel is established and reachable? My openvpn.ovpn is attached. (barely modified) Any help is appreciated. Thanks! openvpn.txt
  4. Hi team, I just created my first VM with Debian 8.4 on unRAID 6.2.0 beta20 and I'm getting these constant kernel messages: -Message from syslogd@debian at Apr 8 14:39:18 ... kernel:[ 1580.252051] Dazed and confused, but trying to continue -Message from syslogd@debian at Apr 8 14:39:48 ... kernel:[ 1610.252055] Uhhuh. NMI received for unknown reason 20 on CPU 0. -Message from syslogd@debian at Apr 8 14:39:48 ... kernel:[ 1610.252055] Do you have a strange power saving mode enabled? -Message from syslogd@debian at Apr 8 14:39:48 ... kernel:[ 1610.252055] Dazed and confused, but trying to continue Apparently, from my searches, they don't mean anything bad, but then why are they appearing? Are these a result of the settings I chose for the VM or what? Here are my logs, thanks!
  5. Thanks a lot for your help man. Sorry I didn't post the full diagnostic zip, I'm very privacy oriented and didn't want to share more than I needed too. Yeah, I realized after the hard reset that all the syslogs were erased and that the ones I provided weren't gonna be very helpful. I couldn't access my frozen server in anyway to get my hands on them, at least to my knowledge. Wow, those scripts look brilliant; I hope it gets made into a official plugin! I read up on the SMART errors and found the same results, that it is probably not an issue ATM. Here are my full diagnostics files (post extended smart test), which said it completed without errors. UnRAID seemed like such a powerful, simple solution to so many traditional server needs and problems, but still has been a pain in the ass just like all of those. First Docker issues, then the OS freezing up. I guess only with your cron job script could I catch the syslog as it freezes... Thanks!
  6. So after a hard reset, I attached my syslog and smart reports. It seems to continuously removing and reinstalling the unraid driver. Also, while my Disk 2 has an overall health of "passed", it is reporting these errors: 187 Reported uncorrect 0x0032 001 001 000 Old age Always Never 65535 5 Reallocated sector count 0x0033 100 100 036 Pre-fail Always Never 1136 Thoughts?
  7. So before I force shutdown my server causing a day-long parity check, I wanted to see if anyone has encountered their whole Unraid OS locking up. I'm talking no webGUI, no ping, no dockers, no SMB, no SSH, and even the console won't input from the keyboard! (yet the cursor is still flashing on the console?). This is the second time this has happened, and I would love to post my syslog, but I can't access it unless I shutdown. I was transferring a bunch of data, multiple TBs. Would the OS lock up close to full capacity? Thoughts and suggestions? Thanks!
  8. I just tried NzbgetVPN with the same results. Trying to start up both SABnzbdVPN and NzbgetVPN using my PIA vpn locks up the whole system (webGUI, SSH, Ping,), but all my active dockers are still online and accessible. Finally installed the Powerdown plugin for a clean shutdown, but this is ridiculous! Is there any way to use a system wide VPN rather than these docker specific VPN templates? Thanks.
  9. It's already a thing.
  10. Which VPN provider are you using? Are you sure you entered your username and password correctly in the docker setup advanced view? PIA. Yes, I entered in all my credentials, port number, connection type, desired server, etc
  11. New to UnRAID, just started installing dockers for all applications (CP, SR, plex, etc). I installed SABnzbd fine and works correctly, but when I try to install SABnzbdVPN, nothing ever downloads, just a blank screen trying to add a container. Yet, a refresh shows the container available on the Dashboard, but clicking on the webGUI locks up the whole OS. Thoughts? Is it the VPN timing out trying to connect? The container won't download? Help please. Thanks!