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  1. You're a freaking hero... Someone should really fork this project with that fix, it's been a hot second Though now I fail to generate the server certificate. It tells me it's going to take a long time, prints a bunch of "-" and "+" signs tells me that a file called dh.pem was created, then stops. After that it still doesn't show the checkmark next to "generate the server certificates and keys", so I can't start the server
  2. I'm having a bit of an issue with the GPU(s) 19:32:30:WU01:FS01:Starting 19:32:30:ERROR:WU01:FS01:Failed to start core: OpenCL device matching slot 1 not found, make sure the OpenCL driver is installed or try setting 'opencl-index' manually I also tried to run it with "all" for the visible devices and with no other docker or vm running. Ultimately though I want one GPU passed through to a vm and one GPU shared between Plex and FAH. Is that even possible? EDIT: I tried changing the variables to the exact names in the documentation rather than what came in the containter - still no luck
  3. I generated the certificates all on my private machine and am now unable to transfer the ca.crt and the server.crt file to the unraid machine since it denies access to myVPNserver because it belongs to root. Any ideas? or do I have to generate new certificates on the unraid Server?
  4. I just setup everything again with a new USB stick and the graphics works, here is a short list of everything I did in the BIOS: -enable Intel Virtualization Technology -enable vt-d -set the default graphics to be the on-bord one -disable my windows boot drive
  5. Yesterday I found a list of configs that are proven to work, can someone link it here?
  6. Problem description: When booting up my Win 10 VM the screen goes black and nothing else happens. The VM works just fine with VNC. My Setup and Settings: I checked that IOMMU and HVM both are enabled, My Vm is running as Q35-2.5 with OVMF Bios. I am trying to use a gtx970 (Inno3d Herculez) with 6 cores of a 6700K on an MSI Z170 Krait Gaming (the "old" one). Any ideas what might help at that point?