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  1. I think I found somewhat of a workaround to this issue.. you will need the airsonic advanced docker and also daapd docker for this to work. install the daapd docker and add the stream to the queue and press play.. you can then use the stream address (mine looks like this and add it to airsonic advanced stream url and it should work. It seems that airsonic does not like aac streams.. mp3 streams work fine but every aac stream I tried did not work. Not sure if this was what you were looking for but does work well for me.
  2. the log file you are looking for i believe is located at /mnt/user/appdata/binhex-airsonic/airsonic.log. i tried this stream and also get the same error. the first two log lines looks like this: 2020-09-20 20:27:38.288 ERROR --- o.a.p.s.InternetRadioService : Failed to retrieve sources for internet radio not sure why the second line shows https when the stream you are connecting to is http.. Hope this helps some.
  3. i pulled the new image and everything is working great. No problems. Log looks good. thank you!
  4. Thanks, I haven't raised this issue on github yet i wanted to ask you one thing first. I dove further into this issue and found the file ffmpeg is not located in the dir /usr/bin/ffmpeg. that file is supposed to have a symbolic link to /config/transcode/ffmpeg. Even though i cannot find ffmpeg in /usr/bin the symbolic link is still being created somehow. When i manually downloaded the file ffmpeg and copied to /usr/bin set the correct permissions and restarted the container it worked perfect. I tried both ffmpeg version 4.2.1-static and also 4.2.2-static. both versions worked fine. Is it possible to rebuild the container with the ffmpeg file inside /usr/bin ?
  5. I'm Having issues with FLAC transcodes with new update 10.6.1-RELEASE. Song will start then stop at about 35 sec mark using Google Chrome. When using Edge or Android app it will continue to next song and still only play about 35 secs. This issue is not present in v10.5.0-01. 2020-05-04 21:52:29.544 INFO --- : Starting transcoder: [/config/transcode/ffmpeg] [-i] [/music1/Monophonics - Mirrors (2018) [WEB] [FLAC]/04 - Lying.flac] [-map] [0:0] [-b:a] [192k] [-v] [0] [-f] [mp3] [-] 2020-05-04 21:52:29.545 WARN --- o.a.p.service.TranscodingService : Transcoder failed: Cannot run program "/config/transcode/ffmpeg": error=2, No such file or directory. Using original: /music1/Monophonics - Mirrors (2018) [WEB] [FLAC]/04 - Lying.flac 2020-05-04 21:52:30.162 WARN --- o.a.p.c.StreamController : Stream output exceeded expected length of 7464000. It is likely that the transcoder is not adhering to the bitrate limit or the media source is corrupted or has grown larger any suggestions ? Thanks.
  6. This is for anyone receiving the 401 unauthorized error when trying to backup using Jottacloud. According to jottacloud is slowly transitioning to their new API and disabled the usage of the email address as username for JFS API. As a workaround, you can login using your jottacloud username. The username can be found by logining into your jottacloud account via and viewing the page source code. Do a search for this code: var user = {username: your username will be be inside the single quotes. Use this username in place of your email. Hope this helps someone.
  7. Hi, Is it possible to use Duplicati to backup vdisk.img for my vm while it is running ? Has anyone tried this and had success? I currently just stop the vm and copy manually using krusader docker but would like to setup auto backup using Duplicati. any input would be helpful. Thanks
  8. hi, I am getting clicks and pops in my windows 10 vm while playing audio when i transfer files to a share on my unraid server. I can reproduce this everytime and it only happens when i transfer to a share on the unraid server. It does not happen if i transfer a file from unraid share to hardrive within the vm. I have been battling this for years now and have tried both the msi fix and also cpu pinning. Also tired emulatorpin using 0,6,1,7. This is happening using onbaord sound. I have not tried using hdmi sound. My problem is similar to this thread i also have clicks and pops in audio when another vm is doing significant disk activity like installing updates etc. I do have a sata controller passed through directly to my windows vm with 2 hdds connected to it. I can transfer files between each of them and also between the os virtual drive and hdds without any clicks and pops. It only happens while transferring to a share in unrad.. it doesnt matter which drive i transfer from. Im using 2 cache drives in a btrfs array to store my image for the windows 10 vm. Does any one have some suggeestions on how to fix this ? System: cpu: intel 5820K i7 ram: 64gb gskill mobo: gigabyte GA-X99P-SLI
  9. Perfect. Great Info. You both have been a huge help . Thanks.
  10. i am certain i know the drive assignments. So its possible to mix up drive assignments and not loose any data ? worse case would be a rebuild ? I always thought that if you mounted the array with the wrong drive assignments your data would be lost?
  11. ok that all makes sense. but, if i assign parity drive while using fresh install with trial key will that screw up parity data ? would i need to rebuild once my config is restored ?
  12. thanks for the quick replies, when assigning as data drives do i use the Unassigned Devices plugin ?
  13. Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to access files from unraid shares if my usb flash drive fails and i dont have a config backup. I currently backup my unraid config to a share within unraid. If there a way to access shares without a config backup I can then recover my config from within unraid and restore to new usb flash drive. I did read that it may be possible to install clean version of unraid than mount drives to access data to recover my unraid config backup. can someone confirm this and also what would be the best approach in case of a usb failure. Thanks.
  14. I did Exactly that.. reseated the controller card and tried again.. Rebuilt without issue.. Thankfully no data was lost! thanks!
  15. Hi, I recently had a hard drive show errors and become disabled during a parity check. that drive was on a sata card with a marvell chipset that is buggy. i believe the hard drive is good bc smart doesn't show any errors and this has happened before where a drive showed errors on this marvell chipset sata card. I decided to buy a LSI LSI00301 (9207-8i) HBA Card. I just installed it and it read all my drives fine. But when i tried to rebuild the data it failed and all drives that were connected to the HBA showed Errors and the array stoppped. I rebooted the server and i believe my data is still there on all the drives but disk 3 which is the one that failed in the first place. i am on Unraid 6.5. Im not sure if i should try the rebuild again or not. I am Afraid of loosing the data thats on the other drives if they show errors again. in order to rebuild i started the array without the disk3 than i stoped the array added disk3 back and rebuilt. any ideas thanks.