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  1. I just nuked the image and installed everything again.
  2. Everything was fine in rc3 but since I upgraded Docker fails to start. Seeing this error: time="2018-09-21T13:26:28-07:00" level=warning msg="could not use snapshotter aufs in metadata plugin" error="modprobe aufs failed: "modprobe: FATAL: Module aufs not found in directory /lib/modules/4.18.8-unRAID\n": exit status 1" Full log attached. docker.txt
  3. TOoSmOotH

    License extension for Pre Release versions

    I own multiple licenses already. I am not being cheap. I just don't need another license. If it is not possible to extend I will just wait. Not sure what your hangup is. I am not going to purchase another pro license to test and then turn around and not use in a couple of weeks when the code moves to production. @kizer Thanks for offering actual helpful information. I will try and contact @limetech and see what my options are.
  4. TOoSmOotH

    License extension for Pre Release versions

    How does that help testing a new version and providing feedback? Isn't that the point of pre-release? I would like to continue testing it as it does not have production workloads on it. Otherwise I will wait. I just have a few test VMs on it.
  5. TOoSmOotH

    License extension for Pre Release versions

    I already have a license that I plan on moving over to this box then retiring the old box. Request extension is greyed out. I own a couple of licenses already I just didn't want to buy another one to test the 6.4 release is all.
  6. So I have my main unraid pro license on my current server and have been running the pre-release on a server that is going to replace said current licensed server. I was curious on how to get an extension to the trial for this server since it is on the pre-release. I don't want to migrate over until its out of RC status. Thoughts?
  7. TOoSmOotH

    Ethereum mining in a VM or Docker?

    Just create a SMOS/NVOC/Ethos VM and pass the cards to it. Should work just the same.
  8. TOoSmOotH

    VM Creation error GPU NVIDIA 1070

    yea best bet would be to install something like ethos and not use Unraid.. That motherboard is not the ideal setup for what you are trying to do with unraid.
  9. TOoSmOotH

    Ethereum mining in a VM or Docker?

    I responded in your thread
  10. TOoSmOotH

    VM Creation error GPU NVIDIA 1070

    What motherboard do you have? Why are you using a riser?
  11. TOoSmOotH

    X399 and Threadripper

    Anyone had any luck with a threadripper build yet? I am thinking about jumping over to team red and curious what types of issues folks are having. I saw you need to run a release candidate right now. Just curious what other problems are out there?
  12. TOoSmOotH

    Ethereum mining in a VM or Docker?

    My kids computer has 2 Windows 10 VMs on it and I am passing through a GTX 1070 to each one. Those cards mine when the VM is idle for more than 10 minutes. I used to mine Ethereum and was able to overclock and get good speeds. I am running EBWF on them now mining Zcash and getting 400-420sol/s on each VM. I am just using PCIE passthrough and they game on it when it isn't idle.
  13. TOoSmOotH

    Docker Icons Permission Denied

    Everything is mounted rw. # cat /etc/fstab /dev/disk/by-label/UNRAID /boot vfat auto,rw,exec,noatime,nodiratime,umask=0,shortname=mixed 0 1 # ls -la /boot/config total 0 Looks like there is something going on with /boot/config that I thinks is missing.
  14. TOoSmOotH

    Docker Icons Permission Denied

    Well I never made any changes and it was working before. Looks like it happened from the 6.3.5 upgrade
  15. TOoSmOotH

    Docker Icons Permission Denied

    Seeing this lately: Warning: unlink(/boot/config/plugins/dockerMan/images/linuxserver-plex-latest-icon.png): Read-only file system in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/include/DockerClient.php on line 792 Any docker container that I update loses its icon due to this error.