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  1. Haven’t seen an option for that. Best to check the website of the developer to make sure.
  2. I havent had UnRAID for quite a while now , so can't help with the GUI. It's a parameter for docker. Maybe it's under advanced? If not hopefully someone else can provide a bit of detail.
  3. You have whitelisted a specific IP range in Transmission, but Docker containers use another range internally. Maybe you also need to whitelist the internal docker IP range. I did that and got it working.
  4. User nobody could be fine, if that user has the needed rights to the download folder. You could try going into the prompt of the container and see if you can write to the download folder.
  5. Easiest thing to do is to leave the download location as is in Transmission and change where it maps to with docker. If that gives you rights issues you will need to check rights on the folder and make sure the docker user maps to an actual user (UID GID in docker).
  6. Nope, still the old stuff. Don't want to mess with things I cannot test.
  7. Did you map the /data path to something outside the container? If you did that and then get the Permission denied error you probably need to set the userid and groupid in the parameters for te container (or you used the example ones but they don't match for you). Check out this information: Hope it helps.
  8. I have never tested with ipv6, so I wouldn't be surprised if that doesn't work. A.f.a.i.k. all the firewalling etc that is done is only done for ipv4 so I imagine quite a bit would have to be done to get ipv6 working. b.t.w. All the vpn stuff is taken from a binhex image.
  9. Just copied the config you posted above in the default config file and pushed the change. This will trigger a new image build. The side effect is that flexget is also updated to the latest version.
  10. Yes, the config file has to be made by hand to have flexget do anything useful, and be aware that creating a config file is tricky business. There is no gui for the config. Depending on what you want to do flexget is probably not going to be user friendly. That being said, check their website for examples and details.
  11. Hey, log says you have a problem in your config file. Activ
  12. There hasn't been an update for a long time. Might be a weird Transmission glitch, but I doubt it's the Docker.
  13. You posted your folder mapping, not user mapping or did I miss something? Anyway, if you fixed it:Good job.
  14. Think you need to read up on permission on the docker website. I expect you didn't map the user correctly.
  15. Sorry, there is no feature in the docker at the moment to specify a version. You would have to create your own version. If I mess with the scripts again I might have a look at implementing that.
  16. Okay, sounds like it's stored in the data files. Transmission can be a bit fiddly that way. Glad you seem to have found a workaround.
  17. I think I understand the problem you are having. Transmission is forgetting the path you set. That is some weird transmission issue. Simplest thing is to stop the docker and edit the config file.
  18. Did you set a variable WHITELIST ? Mine contains: 192.168.*.*,,172.*.*.* Andy is right, the whitelist gets overwritten, other settings can be changed in the settings file, but the container has to be stopped before. Are you sure the vpn is connecting now? You could try doing "docker exec -it Transmission ps -A" to try and see if Transmission is even starting. Could you try that and post the result and a new debug log?
  19. @jmagnusson: I no longer use Unraid myself and am very busy at the moment, when I have more time I will take a loop at your suggestion. @kil2leriq: Normally you would put a certificate file in ovnp format into the openvpn folder inside the appdata folder. There isn't really a getting started guide, the topics about delugevpn and rtorrentvpn also provide some info.
  20. A new version is now online that include Binhex's variable checking code, this should fix some issues with forgotten variables. Of course it's still best to just set the variables needed.
  21. @aran: You are right, the vpn doesn't connect. Transmission won't start because the vpn isn't connected. Maybe a debug log will give you some more info.
  22. I would expect to see the new variables in the list of variables in your log, but thay are not there. Think you need to check again. @Binhex: If I get some time this weekend I'll check into it. Thanks.
  23. The new variables are: STRONG_CERTS NAME_SERVERS PHP_TZ VPN_DEVICE_TYPE I'm pretty sure you are missing a crucial one.
  24. Not sure when you last updated, but I have pushed an update this afternoon that fixed a similar problem. Also: Did you add the extra variables? Please read the posts before and provide similar information if you are still having problem after updating to the current version.
  25. The script updates are for checking that transmission is still running and the vpn is still up. If the transmission process dies it gets restarted and of the vpn goes down it should get reconnected.