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  1. Happy Birthday Unraid! I started w/2 Synology NAS and after a few years, the Atom processors just weren't cutting it for what I wanted to do. So I sold them and built 2x i7 servers, one onsite and on offsite (at my brother's house) for all of my photo & video production work. I run a few Dockers and VMs and sometimes use the server as a secondary PC for video compression batching (to offload my workstation). I just got back from vacation and wished I had a "travel" server while I was on the road for 2 weeks, so I just built one out repurposing an Intel NUC i5 w/16 GB RAM and 2x 1TB SSD. Now I'll have a mini Unraid server in my hotel that can copy my work from my laptops and continuously sync back to my other 2 nodes while I'm out of the hotel room. A friend was asking me about my servers and now it looks like I'm about to help him build one out. Keep up the good work, and happy birthday!