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  1. So I've been having an issue that with my novice experience, I don't know where to turn. My Unraid box is remote to me hosted at a buddy's place, so I've been transferring files to and from the server via SMB over Wireguard. Started using Wireguard with Unraid 6.8, but suddenly started having issues and still having issues into 6.9. I've been having SMB file transfer issues where the speed will suddenly drop to 0 and eventually drops out completely. This appears to only happen when I upload to the server, and not while downloading from the server. I have tried file transfers over OpenVPN and have not experienced the same issues. Both my location and the remote location has gigabit fiber, so the speed difference between Wireguard and OpenVPN is quite significant. Running iperf3 over OpenVPN, I am getting speeds of around 200-300 mbps downloading from the server and 300-400 mbps uploading to the server. Running iperf3 over Wireguard, I am getting speeds of around 500-700 mbps downloading and uploading to and from the server. File transfer speeds on Windows 10 can start off at about 60 MB/s up to around 90 MB/s, but will suddenly tumble down to around 2MB/s, and then eventually just ~200KB/s to 0. I don't exactly know what is causing these SMB dropouts, or what had changed. I do know that I have not changed the Wireguard config, and the transfers were rock solid before, but is no longer. There are no SMB dropouts with OpenVPN. I've also tried reinstalling Wireguard server from Unraid and reinstalling the Wireguard client from my Windows 10 tower and laptop, but same issues persist. I've also tried transfers to shares that bypasses the cache drive, same issues.