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  1. So far unbalance did a great job - but since the hard coded and preferred https:// connection requirement is in most main stream browsers things got a bit inconvenient to say the least. Only solution for me so far : 1 run the Unraid-Gui and Unbalance in two separate browser tabs in the browsers private mode by right click the UNB button in the Unraid-Gui or 2 use a bookmark for the UNB part. In both cases one needs to click twice for the browser to use the "unsafe" web page ... as it is in private mode one needs to to this in every "new" browser ses
  2. Thank you so much - the last link to the wiki enabled me to start the rebuild - re-enable process ... fiy - the weirdest thing though - I was able to see the files in dolphin and even on my win pc (emulated probably) via Samba and NFS. Now my most stupid Question - how can i tag the thread as solved (=edit the topic line ???) ?
  3. hmmm - how can I find out if the data are still correct ? And how can I start the rebuilt process ? I thought the parity drives allow to replace complete failed/defective disks ....
  4. Okay here we are sir ;) ..... new tower-diagnostics-20200811-1320.zip
  5. No they are still marked as unmountable - as there is no (or a corrupt) file system present. I wonder what the parity discs are for if not for repairing corrupt data ?
  6. Hello, using my unraid mostly for data storage and streaming I was puzzled about the fact that 2 drives fell into an unmountable status without former warnings. The filesystem is XFS - so I tried to repair them without the -n option. That did not work, so I used the recomended -L option. The 2 drives are still not mountable but the content is still there provided by the parity discs. I attached the diagnosis file called "tower-diagnostics-20200810-1216.zip" , if you need something else ..... Please provide me with an easy to understand - repair
  7. Hello, I'd like to use unassigned Disks (NTFS) to feed Data to my Array. Here are my questions : 1. where can one find the unassigned and mountes disk(s) in Crusader or dolphin starting from / 2. would a program like unbalance work in one way unass. disk ---> array or even <---> ? 3. many Android driven tv-media boxes are able to read and write to NTFS formatted disks - so doable in Unraid ??? cheers alX
  8. hi johnny black at al, following up on the cache hw update i added a *.txt file of the preclean message-summaries - i wonder if the big difference in the zeroing speed will degrade the pool performance to the slower write speed ? the second question is for the "migration" part - what happens if i have stored the docker img file in the root of the existing cache drive ? and what will happen if i add 2 512GB drives to the one slow old 256GB drive - and then after building and balancing the pool remove the small one. Will i at least get the 512GB Capacity of the 2 r
  9. @strike root@Tower:~# du -h /var/log 0 /var/log/swtpm/libvirt/qemu 0 /var/log/swtpm/libvirt 0 /var/log/swtpm 0 /var/log/samba/cores/winbindd 0 /var/log/samba/cores/smbd 0 /var/log/samba/cores/nmbd 0 /var/log/samba/cores 0 /var/log/samba 0 /var/log/plugins 0 /var/log/pkgtools/removed_scripts 0 /var/log/pkgtools/removed_packages 0 /var/log/pkgtools 0 /var/log/nginx 0 /var/log/nfsd 0 /var/log/libvirt/qemu 0 /var/log/libvirt 436K /var/log root@Tower:~#
  10. Hello, Can someone explain what the 3 bar-indicators (Dashboard in the GUI) of the Flash Log Docker mean ? And what does it mean when the 2nd Bar is at 100% all the time ? cheers - ahab666
  11. @Constructor and all I attached the latest diagnostic file and yes the one disk I removed was electrically dead - no spin up .... cheers tower-diagnostics-20181201-0610.zip
  12. Hello I am planing some upgrades and wonder if anyone could be of help, i am still a NIX noob ... 1. i found 4 HDDs with read errors atm i am moving the data to the working HDDs. as i have already removed 1 dead HDD physically i wonder how i can remove it from the array i get some error messages about a missing Drive. 2. i am planing to buy 3 big HDDs, one as a parity drive and 2 for data - best and fastest way to add, move content and remove the older smaller disks 3. i have 1 250 GB cache SSD and want to replace it wit 2 512 GB SSDs safest way to do that because i
  13. Hmmm, I dad some 12 REDs with 3 TB, They were well crash engeneered because 4 of them failed within 6 months after the warrenty expired ...
  14. Hi, is anybody using such big HDDs in an existing Unraid scenario ? if yes any brand/type preferences and/tips for me ? cheers ahab666
  15. No not a typo but a f*'ed up USB flash drive ..... There are "only" a few files missing on the defective flash drive .... So here is another question for you specialists .... is there a file that contains hdd serial numbers and the names of drive like sda, sdb a.s.o. ? I just got a new flah stick and installed the latest version of unraid - now i just to add the correct hdd to the correct array slot .... Same as above about shares .... thx in advance - ahab