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  1. So u think I have nothing to worry about? I'll still run another check next week just to be safe Thanks a lot for all the help!
  2. @johnnie.black First run had zero errors Gonna do another run next week just to be sure Do u think it's a one time glitch? anything in the diags flagged? Did u try running more scans?
  3. Ok already started it; will report back in 18 hours thanks a lot for the great help!
  4. Ok will do that And if the exact same amount of errors that would be a one time thing? just run check with fix parity?
  5. None, or at least not that I know of I should probably mention that the VM first was using the Cache but then due to heavy I/O I moved it to a dedicated SSD passhtroughed Dno if that might be the culprit
  6. Also noticed that dual parity are not in sync in number of reads and writes I think I recall they were always in sync before?
  7. After using UNRAID with zero issues and loving it for so long, today I received that the monthly parity check returned 1194 errors I must add that this month I swapped out the cpu and added an SSD and a GPU passthroughed to a VM no other changes I also noticed that my second parity drive is connected via SATA2 and not 3 no idea if that has been all along or if it's having cable issues or maybe wrong port? Please find attached my diags tower-diagnostics-20200305-1020.zip
  8. +1 no corruption on my server running 6.7.2 with appdata on the cache nvme On my hetzner hosted server with no cache disks; had corruption in 2 days after 6.7.2 upgrade, went back to 6.6.7 and no corruptions since
  9. Hi I had the same problem ran this command in terminal: sudo chown 911:911 /mnt/disks/rclone_volume/ and restarted the docker and it worked added it to the go file and now all is good try it
  10. Oh ok Thanks a lot! love the help! BTW should I run another parity check when this one is done?
  11. It was an empty drive Btw the last 4TB wd red never gets any data on it Any idea why? I have all discs selected in Global share settings
  12. any hdd errors? tower-diagnostics-20170129-0349.zip