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  1. +1 no corruption on my server running 6.7.2 with appdata on the cache nvme On my hetzner hosted server with no cache disks; had corruption in 2 days after 6.7.2 upgrade, went back to 6.6.7 and no corruptions since
  2. Hi I had the same problem ran this command in terminal: sudo chown 911:911 /mnt/disks/rclone_volume/ and restarted the docker and it worked added it to the go file and now all is good try it
  3. Oh ok Thanks a lot! love the help! BTW should I run another parity check when this one is done?
  4. It was an empty drive Btw the last 4TB wd red never gets any data on it Any idea why? I have all discs selected in Global share settings
  5. any hdd errors? tower-diagnostics-20170129-0349.zip
  6. That solved it thank you! Any help on how to keep parity to rebuild the replaced drive after I did a new config?
  7. I had a failure on a 300GB SAS Drive in my array of 9 x 300GB SAS drives, 4 x 3TB WD Reds, 4 x 4TB Wd reds and 2x 6tb wd reds for parity I replaced the drive with another 300GB Sas drive but when I select the new drive the page refreshes but the drive isn't selected anymore I tried doing a new config; the wd reds get readded fine and ready to start the array but all 9 of the 300gb sas drives can't be added; after the page refreshes the drive goes back to unassigned HELP GUYS!!
  8. BUMP! Unraid cannot see the raid 10 array any idea why?
  9. I'm planning my second rig using UNRAID I got the Chenbro NR40700 on ebay for a good deal, it has the following specs: Qty 1 Supermicro X8SIA-F Bulk ATX 1156 Intel 3420 Qty 1 Intel Xeon X3450 2.66 8MB Quad Core 1156 Tray Qty 4 Actica 8GB 1600MHz ECC/Reg DDR3 Samsung 512Mx8 2R 1.5v CL11 Qty 1 LSI 9211-8i Bulk LSI 9211-8i 6Gb/s PCI-Express Qty 4 Power Supplies-Emacs MTW-5820V (ROHS) Qty 3 Fans Qty 48 Hard Drive Brackets I also got 18x assorted brands 15k 300Gb Sas drives on ebay for an amazing deal to be connected to an LSI 9266-8i using Raid 10 I will be using the latest UnRaid beta so am gonna use 2 WD reds 4TB for parity drives connected to the onboard Sata controller 3Gbps ports I will flash the LSI 9211 to an IT firmware and connect a 480GB SSD and 8x 4TB hard drives to it My plan is the following: 2 WD reds 4 TB each for parity on the onboard SATA controller the 18x 300GB SAS Drives will appear as 1 drive for unRAID, I will add it to the array together with the 8x 4TB drives When creating shares for the VMs I will choose the SAS drives array disk and exempt the others and for the data share I will only select the 8 x 4TB drives The 480Gb SSD is for Cache and some Dockers Planning on using XFS for both Cache and Array drives. This way I will have 32TB of Data shares, 2.7TB for VMs on 15k SAS drives and 480GB SSD cache. I also got an HP Quad Port Network card and the motherboard has 2 + 1 IPMI ports. Planning on Bonding all 6 ports using balance-rr and connecting them to my Mikrotik CRS smart switch for a total of 6gb link that will be bridged between the unRAID and the VMs Any tips, pointers, ideas? Am I doing anything wrong / asking for too much from the system? Your experienced input is highly appreciated
  10. Planning on using an HP Z440 workstation for my first unRaid build specs: Xeon E5 1630v3 64GB DDR4 2133 Reg Ram 512GB SATA HP SSD Nvidia Quadro K2200 vga HP MNPA19-XTR 10GB Network card I was thinking about adding 4 WD Red 4TB HDDs and 1 more 512GB SSD; 2 WDs for parity using the latest public beta, 2 for 8TB storage and the 2x 512 SSDs for caching I plan on using one single windows 10 vm and have the Nvidia quadro passthroughed to it, would I need another vga? do I get a cheap one for unRaid interface? or no need? Also what do you guys think about the HDDs? Any other recommendations? And where should I plug them? the board has the C612 chipset which supports two SATA AHCI controllers, sSATA and SATA. The sSATA controller supports four 6 GB/s ports and RAID modes 0, 1, 10 and 5. The SATA controller supports two 6 GB/s ports and RAID modes 0 and 1 Newbie here so many questions