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  1. When I click the "Change Profile" button, after updating the page, it takes me to a screen with the following error: Forbidden You don't have permission to access /forum/index.php on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
  2. they both look fine. As I said earlier, you probably have MS-DOS style carriage returns on the ends of the lines. Since they are basically shell scripts, what happens when you invoke them on the command line? any text printed by the command will show in the web-page. You don't need to do anything special. Joe L. thanks Joe...that was it...^M at the end of each line when I used Midnight Commander to edit them
  3. thanks, does not work for me...after searching online I came across someone with the same problem and the solution was to press "ESC" + 5 for F5. Something about an old library? Not sure. Anyway that seems to work
  4. what am I missing for this to work? #define USER_SCRIPT_LABEL Stop Cache_Dirs #define USER_SCRIPT_DESCR This will stop the Directory Caching logger -t "cache_dirs" ">>>>> Stopping Directory Caching" echo ">>>>> Stopping Directory Caching" /boot/cache_dirs -q ----------------- #define USER_SCRIPT_LABEL Stop MySQL #define USER_SCRIPT_DESCR This will stop MySQL so your array can be stopped cleanly logger -t "MySQL" ">>>>> Stopping MySQL Server" echo ">>>>> Stopping MySQL Server" killall mysqld ----------------- and how do I get the echo message to display on the user scripts page once it executes? thanks
  5. Awesome application, was able to connect a BlacX docking station to my server. Did a few tests to check speed when copying files. Originally had it plugged into my windows machine and the drive is formatted in NTFS. Copied a 1Gb file, using windows explorer, from an unRaid share to the BlacX, plugged into my windows machine, as a windows drive, took ~ 2 minutes Copied a 1Gb file, using windows explorer, from an unRaid share to the BlacX plugged into my unRaid server as a SNAP share, took ~ 4 minutes Copied a 1Gb file, using linux "cp" command in a telnet session, from an unRaid share to the BlacX plugged into my unRaid server as a SNAP share, took ~ 30 seconds Obviously the latter is the way to go. Is there a utility, similar to windows explorer, that allows me to easily copy files without having to type the command at the linux prompt? I've heard of and "tried" MC, but it didn't seem to be working or I couldn't figure how to copy from one screen (left) to the other (right). Thanks
  6. User Scripts question: How do I create two buttons, one to "kill mysqld" and another to "cache_dirs -q" I made two copies of the "Hello World" button and replaced the line which writes that to the screen with the two lines above, but it didn't seem to work. I also tried to have if say what it was doing but nothing shows up. Need to kill mysql when trying to stop array otherwise that disk is unmounting for a long time. Also found that while pre-clearing a disk, when in the zeroing stage, cache_dirs kicks in during the whole process. thanks
  7. don't start it using "at". In other words, it is queuing itself to be started later since when you are starting it the array itself is not yet up and running. awesome!! thanks Joe
  8. is there a way to NOT receive an email when Cache_Dirs starts? I get an email with a subject line "Output from your job 3?" and body message "cache_dirs process ID 5140 started, To terminate it, type: cache_dirs -q" I don't see the value of this email. Maybe if it contained the info on what is being cached or when it completed. Thoughts? Thanks
  9. I'm trying to setup a mySQL server to run with XBMC. Right now I installed the server through the unMenu packages, edited my advancedsettings.xml file in XBMC to point to the video database on the unRaid server and it seams to be working (will have to test it from a different XBMC location). I would like to setup the music server but am unsure on how to do that since I used unMenu. I will need to edit the advancedsettings.xml file once I know where the music database is stored. Maybe I'm going about this the wrong way? Any comments?
  10. Let me take a look at the #AUTO_UPDATE function and make sure it is working as you would expect. hey Joe, has this been fixed? otherwise I won't be able to run the updates as the mail file will get messed up every time. after clicking "check for unmenu updates", is there a way to select to install only certain updates, maybe a check box to select the ones to install before clicking "install unmenu updates"
  11. Let me take a look at the #AUTO_UPDATE function and make sure it is working as you would expect. thanks Joe, please do
  12. Joe the auto update overwrites my mail-ssmtp-unmenu-package.conf file. I tried adding #AUTO_UPDATE = NO but that didn't do anything any thoughts? thanks again
  13. thanks Joe. Copied the conf file again and now it's working. That's awesome thanks