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  1. Heh, alright thanks. I seem to be getting the correct hash now anyways. Cheers
  2. Pressing xmrig support takes me here. Trying it out and I cant seem to get it working.. Do I need to add a port or something? I think I got it going now.. but im getting [2021-03-31 17:23:56.731] msr FAILED TO APPLY MSR MOD, HASHRATE WILL BE LOW .. Any way to fix this?
  3. Alright, thanks By extended test do you mean like just the WD diagnostics? Or something within unRAID?
  4. I rebooted the server and got the "back to normal" email. Nothing since. I bought a new drive. Should I replace it, or keep as a spare? Cheers :)
  5. I can't find any good deals. I don't wana risk buying one from China. So i thought i'd see if anyone here has one they might want to sell
  6. I have been doing parity checks on the 1st of each month since i built the server. I have notifications on. Got the dreaded email of a failing drive last year. Replaced it
  7. Thank you guys I am just going to go with dual. I'm not even half way full right now. Adding 3 more discs might last me the life time of the drives. lol. So i guess i can spare one of them for some piece of mind
  8. Right now i have 5 discs + a cache SSD. One of the 5 is a parity disc. I will be buying 3 more discs to fill my case soon. Thinking about using one of them for dual parity. I see many people with 8 or more discs running single so i thought i'd ask the forum's thoughts.. EDIT: None of this stuff is mission critical stuff (Media). Only about 5% (the more "important" stuff) of it is backed up. I don't really care if i lose it all.. but i don't really want to either lol
  9. All of those movies are in the movies SD/HD/UHD folders. I would have to take them out.. Move them into the collection folders. Thanks for your help. I understand fully what you are saying. I dont think you understand what i want(ed) to do Cheers
  10. I understand. Just dosnt seem worth it. I'd still have to mess around with almost 20 collection folders to do what i ultimately want to do.. Not worth the time. Plus i am seeding a few hundred files that i would have to find one by one, force recheck and .. meh .. lol
  11. Makes sense. Thanks. However pulling the movies out and into the collection folders would still alter the order no? I think if i copy those.. Plex will just add a second file (And the number 2) to each of those movies. Then i can delete the original ones and the order should remain the same. Now i just need to decide if it's worth the trouble! lol. Purely cosmetic. I do like gaining the option to not include one of the collection folders (Like my Noir films) in the main library tho. EDIT: I'll just leave it. And possibly make a Movie Collections share EDIT: Leaving it the way it is. Made a Movies Misc share where i can put stuff i want in separate librarys. Put my Noir films and UFC folders (the only way i can get UFC events to scan is to add them as movies) in there and it works OK enough
  12. EDIT: I got Krusader set up. When one moves a file from one share to another do the files actually get moved? Or do they stay where they are but show up in the new place instead (IF that makes any sense LOL)?