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  1. Thanks. I've never noticed the difference between 1333 vs 1600. I'm sure it might show up in benchmarks. Is there anything specific that 1600 would really help with in unraid? Edit: found some 1600 from the same seller as the board. Works out cheaper too. From what I'm reading it should be compatible but I'm not %100 sure, heh
  2. Been running unraid on an old MSI consumer board, and Gskill RAM, for 6ish years. I'm using an i3 4170 which has been fine for my needs. Considering going ECC. Would this combo work okay? MB RAM $170 CAD. Which is about what I want to spend (200ish) Thanks
  3. Thanks guys So if I just power down, remove the discs and power back up with new discs .. that's all I need to do to remove the pool? As far as completely starting over.. What would be the best way to do that? (I probably won't.... but I want to..... lol)
  4. I am retiring all of my old drives and starting over with new ones. I should be done all my preclearing in a couple days. Is there anything I should know? Do I need to do anything more than just removing the current drives? Or are there necessary steps to nuke a pool? I'll be turning off all my dockers and setting them to not start at boot. Not starting them until I get everything set up. What about shares? Will I need to recreate them exactly? Or will they just be recreated when I define a new pool? I actually really want to start completely fresh. Like a clean install of windows. Is that a good/bad idea? Setting up sonar, nzbget and plex would be a pain. I remember it being really frustrating for me the first time. But I'm sure I could do it. Is it better to have one big share or multiple shares? I currently have multiple but have always wanted to just have one big one to mount in my Windows PCs. In preparation of retiring my drives I've gotten rid of all the data hoarding crap and then backed everything onto a single 8TB drive (important stuff is also in the cloud) using free file sync over the network. The drive is NTFS and is connected to my gaming PC. Can I just put it in my UNRAID box as an unassigned drive and transfer the data to the new array from there? Once I've done that would it be better to format it to a Linux file system if I'd like to leave it there as an unassigned drive? My boot flash has been running for like 6 years. Is it a good time to replace it? Or just keep backing it up regularly. I do once a week. How long do cheap flash drives typically last? Thanks for any help you can provide
  5. I's still like to know if anyone with the knowledge happens across this.
  6. I just installed a Jellyfin docker and when it was downloding many of the downlods said "already exists." It only had to DL a couple of them. Not really a problem (I hope?), but i'm curious where this data is/was stored.
  7. Not so much unraid related but i didn't know where else to ask. So, i just found out that SSDs can lose data over time if left unpowered. Is that just data loss, or does the drive get damaged!? For example, about 13 months ago I put a 1TB WD Blue into my PS4. I played The Witcher 3 for a month and it hasn't been turned on since (i don't leave it on stand by either). Actually, I think it was turned on once for a couple mins when i was trying to sync it's controller to my PC. Anyways, if i want to use my PS4 (I do) and i notice problems, would a simple format work or is the drive toast? I also have an old Crucial 275GB in my PS3 that hasn't been even been plugged in for almost 2 years now... I assume thats lost all my saves Cheers :)
  8. Yea, it usually is in MC looking at a DIR. Ill try to remember to close it next time and see what happens.
  9. Thanks. I usually have putty running. I always forget to close it when running MC. Maybe this is why? Anyways, i stopped the check as i did one last night. Hope its ok until the 1st when it does its monthly check hehe
  10. I press the reboot button (Reboot will activate a clean system reset.). I always just assumed it did what it says it does. If i set the mirror would i need to reboot again for it to show anything? What is the safest method to reboot?
  11. Every (rare) time i've done a clean reboot in the last few months it starts a parity check. Why?
  12. What about the parity check that is happening right now?