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  1. I was able to build the container and get the XML page, but plex cant see it. When i look at the logs i see the error " ERROR:root:'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xec in position 308: ordinal not in range(128) " any ideas/suggestions?
  2. Ive built a few systems before, but this one im getting no video Im using an x11 MB with a xeon e3-1245 the x11 has ASPEED AST2400 BMC and the Xeon has Intel® HD Graphics P530. There are no expansion cards plugged in. The only things plugged in are the 20pin the CPU 8 pin, fans(including cpu fan) and 1 dimm (Have two sticks have tried either and both with no change in result). I have checked compatibility of the Ram, double checked stand offs to make sure one wasn't where it shouldn't be. When i power it on i get 1 beep. The manual says Error Message: Refresh, Circuits have been reset (ready to power up). I checked for bent pins on the MB and CPU. Right now its plugged into a monitor over DVI, but i also tried HDMI. Any Ideas thoughts?