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  1. I was hoping someone could help with an connection refused error I get when running onlyoffice in nextcloud behind nginx. I've attached the error log file. nginx.error.log
  2. Ok, well I figured it out in case any one else runs into this issue. I had to edit the config.php file which can be found in appdata nextcloud\www\nextcloud\config. I had to change the ip in the array and in the dbhost.
  3. Hi, I recently changed the LAN and IP of my server and for some reason I can't launch Nextcloud. All other dockers are working fine. Any idea what setting I'm missing or what I have to do?
  4. I managed to fix this error. It seems the error occurs because I was backing up the Duplicati Temp folder. I have since removed it from the backup and has been working for 8 days now with no error.
  5. Error: Detected non-empty blocksets with no associated blocks! Anyone else get this error? It happens with one of my backups which runs fine the first couple of times but inevitably gives me this error after a couple days. I see others getting this error on their forums but no fix. Does anyone here have any suggestions? Thanks in advance, Ryan.
  6. Hi, All of my shares are set to High-water and I was under the impression that the disk will fill up to 70% before moving files to another drive in the array. It seems that some random files are being moved to my Disk 2 even though my usage on Disk 1 is only at 50%. I'm not concerned about it (unless I should be) but I don't know why it's happening. Any insight? Screenshot attached. Thanks in advance, Ryan
  7. I'm not sure why I overlooked something so obvious. I mapped the template properly and it's now working. Thanks for the help.
  8. No, sorry. Thanks for the help, I'll keep trying.
  9. Hi, Yes, I can click on that and it will pop up and I can see the folders I have created but when I use that path in duplicati I get the error message.
  10. I manually enter the /mnt/disks/nameofdrive but the error returns Access to the path "/mnt/disks" is denied. I should also say that the first message is a create folder: The folder /mnt/disks/nameofdrive does not exist. Create it now?
  11. Hi, I'm trying to backup to a mounted unassigned device formatted with xfs. I can't seem to find the path to browse to the disk and if I manually enter the path I get an error: /mnt/disk/ access is denied. Any idea what I'm doing wrong here? Thanks in advance.
  12. One more question for you if you don't mind, once I edit the rom file do I change the extension from .rom to .dump?
  13. Ok, well I was able to edit the ROM file no problem. Do I only need to edit the one ROM and then move on to the next step? He edits 2 ROM files in the video and then edits the XML files for both as well. Is this because he has 2 cards installed? Sorry for my lack of knowledge, I'm not well versed in these things and don't like to bother people with questions which are probably obvious to more advanced users. Ryan.
  14. Hi, I've managed to get Windows installed by using the latest version of Windows and Virtio drivers. I looked at the video regarding passing through an Nvidia card and decided not to bother. I'll return the card and get a quieter Radeon card. My old card works again (albeit noisily). Thanks for the help! Ryan.