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  1. It is up to you. I did set it up that way to separate them from other networks, but it is up to you on which network you put them.
  2. I updated the document server docker image, hopefully it fixes your issues now.
  3. Also you need to make changes to the db type and such. For all the available configuration parameters look them here: https://helpcenter.onlyoffice.com/installation/docs-community-install-docker.aspx Below is the complete list of parameters that can be set using environment variables. ONLYOFFICE_HTTPS_HSTS_ENABLED: Advanced configuration option for turning off the HSTS configuration. Applicable only when SSL is in use. Defaults to true. ONLYOFFICE_HTTPS_HSTS_MAXAGE: Advanced configuration option for setting the HSTS max-age in the onlyoffice NGINX vHost configuration. Applicable only when SSL is in use. Defaults to 31536000. SSL_CERTIFICATE_PATH: The path to the SSL certificate to use. Defaults to /var/www/onlyoffice/Data/certs/tls.crt. SSL_KEY_PATH: The path to the SSL certificate private key. Defaults to /var/www/onlyoffice/Data/certs/tls.key. SSL_DHPARAM_PATH: The path to the Diffie-Hellman parameter. Defaults to /var/www/onlyoffice/Data/certs/dhparam.pem. SSL_VERIFY_CLIENT: Enable verification of client certificates using the CA_CERTIFICATES_PATH file. Defaults to false. DB_TYPE: The database type. Supported values are postgres, mariadb or mysql. Defaults to postgres. DB_HOST: The IP address or the name of the host where the database server is running. DB_PORT: The database server port number. DB_NAME: The name of a database to be created on the image startup. DB_USER: The new user name with superuser permissions for the database account. DB_PWD: The password set for the database account. AMQP_URI: The AMQP URI to connect to the message broker server. AMQP_TYPE: The message broker type. Supported values are rabbitmq or activemq. Defaults to rabbitmq. REDIS_SERVER_HOST: The IP address or the name of the host where the Redis server is running. REDIS_SERVER_PORT: The Redis server port number. NGINX_WORKER_PROCESSES: Defines the number of NGINX worker processes. NGINX_WORKER_CONNECTIONS: Sets the maximum number of simultaneous connections that can be opened by a NGINX worker process. JWT_ENABLED: Specifies the enabling the JSON web token validation by ONLYOFFICE Docs. Defaults to false. JWT_SECRET: Defines the secret key to validate the JSON web token in the request to ONLYOFFICE Docs. Defaults to secret. JWT_HEADER: Defines the HTTP header that will be used to send the JSON web token. Defaults to Authorization. JWT_IN_BODY: Specifies the enabling the token validation in the request body to the ONLYOFFICE Docs. Defaults to false. USE_UNAUTHORIZED_STORAGE: Set to true if using self-signed certificates for your storage server, e.g. Nextcloud. Defaults to false. GENERATE_FONTS: When true, regenerates fonts list and the fonts thumbnails etc. at each start. Defaults to true. METRICS_ENABLED: Specifies the enabling StatsD for ONLYOFFICE Docs. Defaults to false. METRICS_HOST: Defines StatsD listening host. Defaults to localhost. METRICS_PORT: Defines StatsD listening port. Defaults to 8125. METRICS_PREFIX: Defines StatsD metrics prefix for backend services. Defaults to ds.. LETS_ENCRYPT_DOMAIN: Defines the domain for Let's Encrypt certificate. LETS_ENCRYPT_MAIL: Defines the domain administator mail address for Let's Encrypt certificate. Replace the MYSQL with MARIADB
  4. You need to use a supported mariadb, i do not know which is though. For example mysql is supported from version mysql-5.7 and lower.
  5. You need to have both of them on same network and for mysql host instead of "localhost" put the name of the mariadb docker.
  6. For now install other youtube downloader... I can not give any ETA when the app will be re-built right now.
  7. After you created the usb stick you need to go and launch the executable file inside. Have you done that ? -Edit- Launch make_bootable.bat if you are using windows make_bootable_linux if you are using linux and make_bootable_mac if you are using macosx That will make the usb stick to be bootable.
  8. I am reverting "onlyoffice community server" to the preview version due to onlyoffice supporting only systemd (systemctl) to start / stop services now.
  9. I am in the process to update the docker image right now and once is done I will update the template.
  10. Is at the management access under " HTTPS port: " you have to change it there as well the 443
  11. Did you change the port in the settings only to "Allow Remote Access" only ? If yes then you have one more tab up a bit to change the port number as well. " HTTPS port: "
  12. Did you open the port 443 ? If you do not open the port in the router you will not be able to access it either.
  13. That usually happens when you overclock the ram.
  14. I have "MSI x470 gaming plus max" and I have no issues with the motherboard. I did update the bios to the latest version, enable IOMMU and HVM, disabled C-States, disabled ram XMP and I let it run at stock speed. Also look for "Power Supply Idle Control" (or similar) and set it to "typical current idle" (or similar). What did you use when you created the VM ? SeaBIOS or OVMF