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  1. Yeah i actually in the JSON text the LastHash default start point, i changes that to the AU cords mentioned and its showing all of AU now, then when a stream starts is zooms in on the region focused where the steam is coming from Deff better default option of lasthash for those not keen on diving into the jason file, map just auto centres, only the starting spot looks a bit funny without the change, @falconexe maybe add that to the suggestion list?
  2. Thats what i didnt do, maybe a default (so it not so American ) set the default to 'Last GeoHash' this then will focus the map automatically when it pulls data to the region where the pins are detected. (well it did on mine anyway)
  3. Thanks that worked, But i cant get the custom locations to work using Google Maps Australia is -23, 130 Now using -23 works, but when i add the ,130 it errors out, any guess?
  4. I had an issue with the map and this worked for me Does anyone know how to set the defult location the map will load on? Its always loading the US first, being in Australia it would be ideal if it centred there first,
  5. Not sure if this has been covered at all in this long thread, but does anyone know if there is a password option for the compression or some form of protection of the backups at all?
  6. Thanks for that squid, Would this mean the whole docker image etc is installed twice aka i assume the worst thing about this is it would possibly consume more space vs the other methods? (i would guess it would make installs abit smaller with the 'shared' sections?) Sorry i cant fine a 'tag' section? is this meant to be in the docker section or the individual docker settings?
  7. Question, what ports does it actually need normally? Looking at the forum it dosnt use 443? Looks to use 443 just for outbound communication? Looking at this post on the TS forums they seem to have alot more than just 443 in their configs?
  8. Hey all, Looking to get some info/details regarding the logs which get presented in Unraid from the docker screen (the logs screen) I'm looking to try and get the logs to feed into something like Splunk or similar and to monitor or watch for specific log fails etc to better track issues with the containers long term (like failed login's etc or other error related marks) Is there like a central location or a way for something like Splunk to pull the log feed which Unraid has to pull the log data at all? Or does anyone have a suggestion how to get
  9. Yes.... I guess thats the answer to your question I got APC ups recently and turned on with the USB and boom connected and worked, just had to change the shutdown times etc but yes, its that easy if its APC and supports the drivers.
  10. Also as you have AMD have you had a look over this yet? FAQ for unRAID v6 - Page 2 - General Support - Unraid
  11. I dont know what the costings look like but if size isnt an issue (looks like a pretty normal type mobo) maybe check ebay or options for a newer 2nd hand board? Also do the drives show up in the BIOS at all with the new card? or is it the same issue that one drive isnt showing but the others are? The card or drive configuration should load on the boot showing all the drives before unraid kicks in,
  12. Does the order get take this into consideration ontop of this? Example if i have Docker A, B, C each set to 5sec delay, does that mean docker C wont start till ~15sec later?
  13. Thanks for the info all Going to configure the auto enable as it seems like there should be no issues with a stable system using the auto start and there is a safe mode should something go south Found the docker stuff too cheers, never noticed the advanced menu before on the docker screen
  14. Thanks i wasnt sure (dont normally have a screen connected) if there was an option and wasnt sure if people did it in general I also would assume the VM/Docker auto start will not kick in until the array is fully started making it Array -> docker/vm Is there like a boot order for the docker or if i have like 3 dockers kick off the boot will the system start all of them at the one time?
  15. I have a configuration question around the auto options for when rebooting Unraid, Is there a guide or recommendation (personal or official?) on if having the array and dockers etc set to auto start when the system boots? Does it cause any issues or what is the suggestions on the forums? Also if there is an issue with the array in future, is there a way to disable this should it cause boot issues in future? (like Windows has Safemode) does unraid have a disable auto start option should there be issues in the future?