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  1. Does anyone know or is it possible to use any of the CML arguments with the docker? I'm trying to use the -C, --site function to have it auto connect to a specific site, when i added it the container just errored out sadly
  2. So did a driver update and this is the result, Also with the SMI seems it shows a process running now (Still dosnt show on the nvidia unraid dashboard interestingly Is it still odd that the CPU gets maxxed out when it runs yet its only using 6% if that when encoding?
  3. Yeah its just strange that during a session it dosnt show on the smi at all i did see there is a driver version available for the Nvidia system so i may need to do that one weekend and see if that changes anything as i know the new driver is still getting these in this new setup Ill report back when i have updated and rebooted, but yeah maxes the CPU and nothing on the GPU, unless it dosnt show in the nvidia-smi? There was no changed needed to the docker since the nvidia driver changes in the lattest unraid?
  4. I actually have this all setup correctly and using the correct encoder but it dosnt seem to use the GPU still (checked with nvidia-smi) Keeps maxing the CPU on convert vs using the GPU Any suggestions?
  5. FYI just did a force update and the error to the API is gone now it seems,
  6. hoping for a bump for some info
  7. May i ask where you got this log data from? Just interested to see on mine also My router is getting hit alot by port scans etc all landing on the webserver (80 and 443) but its pretty normal sadly just bots scanning IP ranged trying a bunch of things and then moving on unless they get a hit
  8. Is there a specific app you are trying to route too? I also followed SI YouTube and it worked a treat, have you checked the log that the domain is clearing correctly or what method are you using (folder or domain level?)
  9. This is what I'm after, If i have a VM running a website (which is access via a local IP, what/how do i build a config or setup so SWAG will direct to a VM? All the sample ones are container based examples? or do i just put the VM name in its place?
  10. Does anyone know if its possible to use SWAG and point it to a VM not to a docker container at all? Looking as the sample configuration, it seems all the info is pointing to a docker container, is it possible to have it point to a VM instead for hosting other non docker applications? Is it even possible or does this only work for containers?
  11. No worries, the diag showed the bios version was 0403 which is why i mentioned it But yes drive issues always cause the system to go abit funny, one of my issues was the type of cable and the noise from the fan was causing interference (very very hard to diagnose hahah) but def worth quality cables, they get hammered alot
  12. Hi all, I have a question regarding the Docker Utalisation prompt, I have started to flesh out some more containers and recently along with the UUD and i started to get some docker prompts Docker high image disk utilization: 22-01-2021 05:03 AM Warning [GLADOS] - Docker image disk utilization of 76% Docker utilization of image file /mnt/user/system/docker/docker.img Now I believe with some digging the docker image is set to around 20gb, which is considered normal, but i have a question on what is 'normal' Below is the build out of my co
  13. Also i would recommend you update your BIOS, as one of them is to improve system stability issues
  14. One thing i would try, (as i assume its a new setup) take out the drives and try and boot using just the system in its shell form (drive less) Does the system respond at all to keyboard and mouse when it locks up? (Not sure if you have a display connected at all) Also would you happen to have the system specs you have? like Mobo RAM PSU CPU etc? Removing all the drives (power and data) will at least let the HW as a main run and see if thats a fault else start adding section by section. Adding the drives back in and see if pre/post array if there is any issu
  15. So i recently setup the Ultimate Dashboard, which required a bunch of dockers to be installed, and recently i got a notice and the below for docker showing its in the 'yellow' zone and the alert stated 'Docker utilization of image file /mnt/user/system/docker/docker.img warning' Now does this mean that out of the box Docker only had 'x' amount of space pre-allocated and as i install more dockers I somehow need to expand this? Or is there like a cleanup/scale-up the system should do Now reading online already alot of the comments are '20gb outta