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  1. Is at the management access under " HTTPS port: " you have to change it there as well the 443
  2. Did you change the port in the settings only to "Allow Remote Access" only ? If yes then you have one more tab up a bit to change the port number as well. " HTTPS port: "
  3. Did you open the port 443 ? If you do not open the port in the router you will not be able to access it either.
  4. That usually happens when you overclock the ram.
  5. I have "MSI x470 gaming plus max" and I have no issues with the motherboard. I did update the bios to the latest version, enable IOMMU and HVM, disabled C-States, disabled ram XMP and I let it run at stock speed. Also look for "Power Supply Idle Control" (or similar) and set it to "typical current idle" (or similar). What did you use when you created the VM ? SeaBIOS or OVMF
  6. You could use "Dynamix System Temp" , "NetData" or "SNMP" plugin to monitor the system.
  7. It could be due to overheating, have you checked the thermals of your server?
  8. I had xmp active with the ram running at 2933... I disabled it and I left it to run at stock speed and after 6 reboots the issues appears to be fixed. Normally the issue was after each reboot. Thanks for the help @trurl
  9. I will look into it and post back if anything fixed it.
  10. I have the same issue with unraid 6.9 rc 2, though it did not happen with fresh unraid install and it appeared after I installed some of the plugins and I also did try with new flash drive and it did not fix it. I think is because one of the plugins, my guess would be auto mounting a hdd using unassigned devices plugin. Did you find a fix for the issue ?
  11. As of right now i can not try to replicate your issue and find a solution because i am on a laptop and i have some problems in the real life. You may want to have a look here for the reasons you get the aborted connection error : Communication Errors and Aborted Connections
  12. Goautoyt is being completely rewritten and will come under the name Golty and I can not give any ETA because it will be released as version 1.0 to be stable and have as many suggested features as possible. That issue might not be fixed on this version ( I am speaking about Goautoyt not Golty). Best I can do right now is to add it to the bug list. I am sorry I can not help more but right now I am stuck in Germany for a month or so because I had an accident to the left hand and I am using only my right hand and I am also using a laptop instead of my desktop.
  13. Have you changed anything to the docker template? Normally you should be able to move/delete the files inside the main folder but not the folder itself.
  14. Clear the browser cache and login again, probably you mistyped the credentials. The 401 error is a client side error.
  15. I am sorry but I can not help much if at all for a couple of months since I moved in another country right now. Until I will get everything back to normal post the issues you have on github here. I am sorry for not being able to help much right now.
  16. Sorry to answer this late but right now I am not able to try to reproduce your issue since I am extreamly bussy in real life for the next couple of months, since I live in another country right now.
  17. Do you have the json config files in the config folder with the read and write permissions?
  18. 1. Only Office does not register domains, for that you need to register a domain with a domain register and update the dns accordingly to your server. 2. The server does come with a web based mail client and you can also configure windows mail or any other program you may want to use for your mails. 3. It is possible import accounts and other data from MS Exchange. 4. You can probably achieve this by creating your own mail in Only Office and add it to windows mail and add the gmail account separately then move mails between them. You can also setup a mail with other mail providers in Only Office as well.
  19. I love Unraid for the versatility it brings out of the box. I would like to see zfs support ( after that vm backup gui and multiple arrays ).
  20. Sorry for answering this late ( being really busy irl ). All will be fixed pretty soon, it just takes a little bit more time because of holidays and such.
  21. Maybe this post can help you out. https://askubuntu.com/questions/195139/how-to-convert-qcow2-virtual-disk-to-physical-machine-and-reversely Sorry for writing back this late but I had guests (still have) and I did not have much time. The following link shows 4 ways to back up entire hard drive in linux: https://www.maketecheasier.com/back-up-entire-hard-drive-linux/