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  1. heya, any chance you or someone else in this thread can pm me the link to the 0.19.2 beta bios?
  2. Yeah, a couple of reboots fixed it. Thanks to both of you.
  3. Any chance you could share your plg and detail your installation method? I've updated the urls and it seemingly installs just fine but I'm getting the same run error as the other people here. Clearing the package and rebooting does not help. Thanks
  4. The template is incorrect. If you check the docker file it's /downloads https://hub.docker.com/r/volikon/lidarr/~/dockerfile/ # ports and volumes EXPOSE 8686 VOLUME /config /downloads /music
  5. Here's what I did to get it running: Pointed /config to a lidarr folder in appdata like you do with every other docker. Pointed /music to the folder where the music is stored. /data does not seem to do anything but I pointed it to the same folder as /config Added the container path /downloads and pointed it to the downloads folder. Added the variable PUID and set it to 99. Added the variable PGID and set it to 100. I recommend joining the lidarr discord for support.