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  1. Appreciate it! That looks fine for my use 👍
  2. Would SATA 2 speeds still be okay for cache use you'd think? I've found a fair bit of 2.5" caddies for the DVD slot, at quite low prices on eBay - could very much be an option!
  3. Would anyone have any experience with something like this as a cache disk? https://www.ivobeerens.nl/2015/12/14/4131/
  4. The DVD tray it is then! Would you have suggestions connection-wise? This is my first server, so I do indeed have silly questions. Thanks for helping out!
  5. I just got my Dell R710 up and running with unRaid (getting the H200I into IT mode caused a bit of headaches). Everything is humming along nicely now, and currently building the parity. However I want to add a SSD cache disk, but I'm not entirely sure what is best practice here? I'd like not to use one of the 3.5" hotswap bays for this, so the unused DVD bay might be an option here? Anyone with experience in regards to this - or maybe someone with even better suggestions? I'm rather new in regards to searching on this forum, so maybe I've missed the answer - my apologies if that is the case. Thanks in advance.