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  1. Berg

    Vehicle Mounted Array - What hard drives?

    All good - I've been off this forum for so long but I really appreciate your reply. I'm still working on this and your setup is really interesting. I'll keep plugging away at it but I may hit you up in the coming weeks/months. I suspect we are in pretty similar space. You can look up our overland vehicle and project on Instagram at @Wandering_Bison Cheers!
  2. Berg

    Vehicle Mounted Array - What hard drives?

    I was thinking 4-6 tb at the start and building somewhat over time. I think the real limit will be what size I can get to while still using 2.5” drive to keep the form factor smaller. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Berg

    Vehicle Mounted Array - What hard drives?

    Yes, temperature is a concern that I might be under-estimating. More considerations .... Spin down might be a good solution that I need to learn how to control. More homework Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Berg

    Vehicle Mounted Array - What hard drives?

    Thanks - that sounds like a good lead. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I’m in the planning stages to build an UNRAID array to be installed aboard a vehicle (think a truck or SUV) to be used to store media and content captured directly aboard the vehicle (think dash cams) as well as with video and photography gear that will capture high quality content but will be transferred for safe storage once back to “home base” (the vehicle) while travelling. I’d also like to store entertainment media while travelling aboard that vehicle. What I’m wondering is what types of hard drives should I consider to build this array? I’m assuming that solid state drives are most resistant to vibration , but is that true? And how do they handle the read/write cycles of an array? Or would laptop drives be more appropriate for the vibration environment? They would be cheaper than SSDs Does anyone have experience with this type of application? Thanks In advance. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Berg

    Docker IP Address in 6.2 Beta

    Thanks tinglis1 for trying ... I can't believe no one has successfully done this yet - this is ideal for several of the most used dockers. I guess some patience might be required, either to play with this myself or to wait on someone else figuring it out. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Hello everyone, I tried posting this question in the beta announce thread but it quickly got lost, so I'm hoping someone can help me. Second only to dual parity drives, the update of the docker "engine" is the best feature of 6.2, Any wisdom you have would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Quick question about the update to docker; does this mean that docker can now have their own IP address? If so, I assume it will require support built by each keeper of dockers for some custom config to each docker, correct? This would be fantastic since it would allow to direct a specific dockers's traffic over a VPN tunnel on my pfsense router.
  9. Amazing ... Ly simple! Worked. Thank you!
  10. Berg

    needo Plex Update Question

    I'm looking for the same information - I've posted a question here - https://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=33822.msg400506#msg400506 Here is my question:
  11. Good evening, I was wondering if anyone could help me update my copy of Needo's docker image to the most recent PlexPass version of Plex. I am really quite excited to upgrade to the latest version from PlexPass in order to take advantage of the new iOS version of Plex. I have found some mention on upgrading on Needo's docker page but don't know what to do, where to run it, etc. I'm referring to this instruction docker run -d --net="host" --name="plex" -v /path/to/plex/config:/config -v /path/to/video/files:/data -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro needo/plex from this page - https://hub.docker.com/r/needo/plex/ I gather I should run this docker command from the command line of my unRAID box but don't really know where to start and what variables to enter. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you.
  12. Berg

    [support] gfjardim's Docker Repository

    Running into the exact same issue ... Looking forward to some input Thank you. Update: While I am getting the same 404 error as cardo, I can confirm that NZBGet appears to be working properly otherwise - it receives files to download and execute the download properly, handing the completed download back to the program that found the file.
  13. Berg

    Which Plex docker and Trak.tv

    Thank you CHBMB. I'm running the bin hex docker right now and it's running smoothly ... If it ain't broke On my second question, I found the answer. To enable Trakt.tv you have to download and copy the Trakt.tv bundle to the plugin folder in your update and configure the plugin through Channels. Easy peasy.
  14. Hello everyone, Two quick questions; I use and am very pleased with XBMC/Kodi as my client of choice at home but I have also used Plex. Plex is clearly superior for it ability to Sync content to client, to server remotely, etc. I'd like to use Plex to keep my content synced to my iPad and iPhone for viewing while travelling. I've seen some user here say they do just that and keep the XBMC/Kodi library and Plex in sync using Trak.tv So, first, which is the better/best docker to use for this use? Secondly, how do I install/use Trak.tv on my Plex installation on my unRAID server to keep the watched status in sync? TIA.
  15. Hello, I am running unRAID 6.0 RC2 on the system described in my signature with 19 data drives of mostly media content, from TV shows and movies to music. I have have a client running XBMC/Kodi set to scan for new content regularly along with running the Subsonic docker on my server scanning every night my music share looking for new content. I am very pleased with how everything is working and I'm finally getting to the last few tweaks to make my system just about perfect. I would love to limit the amount of times my drives spin up so I'm thinking that using my cache drives to save my content during the day along with caching my directory content would limit any (most?) drive spin up to overnight when Subsonic scans for new music and the cache script move new content to the array. Well, except for when I'm actually watching content So, I'm wondering if I should use the cache_dir script to cache my extensive media listing (40Tb+) to either memory or to a directory on my SSD cache drives to limit drive spin up to a minimum? Would this work? Is there just too much content to"index"? Is the other way to use the XBMC/Kodi docker to save my content "index" on my cache drive and prevent my client machine "poling" the server regularly? Of course, this would also have the benefit of allowing a multiple XBMC/Kodi client environment to share one "index". What would be best? I would love to hear your suggestions! TIA.