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  1. Has anyone modified this to work for backing up passed through physical drives into an img? I have been wishing to setup a script for shutting down a windows VM, DDing the drive into a vdisk, and restarting the VM. I am curious if you have considered having this check whether the VM is on a vdisk or a physical disk and change the backup approach depending(rsync of the img vs dd of the physical disk)?
  2. Disabling the windows update service has always been reliable. They have never circumvented that approach to stopping autoupdates.
  3. and so it begins, welcome to my world system => updates click install..... on the update, then the reload button when completed. job done. When updating from within Sonarr, PlexRequests stops communicating correctly to Sonarr. After force updating back to the latest docker image, PlexRequests was able to communicate again. Something about updating within Sonarr isn't clean enough of an update for everything to function correct.
  4. Ya, found that out after the fact. It gives you zero indication on the main page that it is doing such a thing.
  5. I need some help/advise. I had a 240GB SSD for my cache drive. All was working fine. I got a new 1TB SSD to add. I opened up my system, added the drive, and booted up. I added the new 1TB SDD to the cache. So it would be 1TB + 240GB. I didn't notice at first it was a weird value. I went into one of my Docker's(Plex), whose config info is on the 240GB SSD as Cache. Plex was acting super slow. I checked back to the main page and found the total cache size was 620GB, not what I was expecting it to be(1240GB about). I went to shutdown the array. Now the array is stuck in shutdown for "Retrying unmounting disk shares". While waiting for it to retry, retry, retry. I looked up why the size doesn't match my expectations and found people mentioning that it creates a raid 1 btrfs between the 2 drives. Not what I expected. No mention is given that this would happen when adding the SSD to the cache. I assume the shutdown hanging on the retry unmounting is due to the raid being built? Is my cache data safe while this is running, and while the array is stuck shutting down? About how long should this raid build take for the drives? Ideally the GUI should tell us this will happen, and give us the option of approaching things a different way. Ideally, it could give us an estimated time. Can I remove the 240GB drive after this is done, and have my cache data be safe and get back the full capacity of the 1TB SSD I just bought? So many questions, I hope someone has answers. Edit: About an hour later, the array successfully unmounted. It appears the raid finished building on the cache drives. I was then able to change the cache setting to "-dconvert=single -mconvert=raid1" and a short while later, I had a cache 1.24 TB as I originally expected it to do. All data appears to have been fine throughout the process. I was really worried.