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  1. The first one failed to mount but the second one did and I was able to recover about 50GB of appdata and the docker.img. Thanks for all of your help!
  2. I believe it was set up for redundancy originally but I had stopped the array, removed all cache drives, started the array in hopes that I could then stop the array and reassign the cache devices correctly. I do have an appdata backup thankfully. Do you see any options to attempt recovering this config or would it just be wise to format and restart? Ideally I would like to check out the data that was on these drives before formatting them.
  3. Hello, I recently upgraded to 6.9.1 from 6.8.3 and had a dual cache drive pool setup. These were just two 120GB SSD's that were in a pool. Now when I try mounting them I see: Unmountable: No pool uuid I've tried changing the drives back to one, changing the file system to btrfs & xfs without any luck. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on where to go from here? I have attached the logs if they are of use to anyone. tower-diagnostics-20210329-1836.zip
  4. Another thing I found was the following. This is obviously my problem but I am unsure of what could've caused this Aug 29 10:21:28 Tower login[32626]: ROOT LOGIN on '/dev/pts/48' Aug 29 10:22:01 Tower nginx: 2019/08/29 10:22:01 [emerg] 686#686: bind() to unix:/var/run/nginx.socket failed (98: Address already in use) Aug 29 10:22:01 Tower nginx: 2019/08/29 10:22:01 [emerg] 686#686: bind() to failed (98: Address already in use) Aug 29 10:22:01 Tower nginx: 2019/08/29 10:22:01 [emerg] 686#686: bind() to [::]:82 failed (98: Address already in use) Aug 29 10:22:02 Tower nginx: 2019/0
  5. Hello, after my server lost power the other day I rebooted it and everything seemed fine until I was unable to connect to the gui. After a minute or two the GUI started loading and everything was working great for 5 minutes or so and then again, I lost connection. This cycle repeats its self indefinitely and there does not seem to be any obvious log messages. I have attached my logs if any one would like to comb through them I would GREATLY appreciate it! tower-diagnostics-20190828-2045.zip
  6. Happy Birthday Unraid! You guys are an awesome team of developers that have made an amazing product. Unraid has made my life simple compared to other OS options.
  7. Ahh okay, I should probably order a small ssd then. So if I were to point everything to /downloads and set it at /mnt/user/downloads that would work much better? Then lets say I download a movie, would I just set the location to download to /downloads/movies/movie name? I'm assuming this would be the cleanest way to keep everything organized. I just dont understand the difference of creating a user share for Movies, TV, etc. Vs letting transmission create it when I set the download location to /downloads/movies/movie name or /downloads/tv/Mythbusters/Season 01 etc.
  8. Hey guys, I've been trying to figure out the best way to map out all of my paths correctly for my shares and am wondering what the optimal setup is. This box will mainly be used for Plex & Transmission. Eventually I'd like to add Couch Potato and Sonarr but I would like to get my pathings cleaned up before I create a huge mess and headache for myself. I've tried googling and looking around the forums and Reddit but am still lost. I am mainly wondering about where my appdata should be stored, how to set a share to cache only (for the appdata), and the ideal way to map all of my Plex media i