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  1. Thanks, I'll do that. It's strange since it went through a full preclear and rebuild and no issues prior to this.
  2. Diagnostics attached.
  3. Hi, I've recently (~2 weeks ago) replaced a drive in my array. Over the last couple of days, after a few days away (where I had the server powered down) - on reboot, it's showing the new drive as disabled. I did a smart test, and it showed no errors. When I first discovered this I googled the error (afraid I don't recall what it was at the time, stupid I know) but the suggestion was there was a loose or faulty cable - I've replaced this and still get the errors in the log attached. I've started in maintenance mode and checking the filesyste
  4. So once I have let this scan with the new selections, is it safe to delete the ones marked as missing ones?
  5. Yes, from CP Home. I did the adoption process, it said 'adoption successful' at the time, but still says all of my folders are missing. I assumed when the message about successful adoption came up all was OK, so I logged out and didn't check again as I was away from home for a few days so struggling to remember if I missed a bit!
  6. I'm having problems where the Crashplan app cannot locate my existing backup sources, they all show as Missing. I've tried adding paths to each but they don't seem to have any effect - have I missed something completely? (it's highly likely)
  7. Thanks, did that this morning - looks like it's running OK now.
  8. Been getting a lot of errors lately of mixed types but seem to be all pointing to my cache drive (SSD) but the SMART tests are apparently completing without error. I'm working away from home at the moment so not getting much opportunity to look at it unfortunately. This is the current log after a reboot this morning: After a while, the log just fills up with shfs_write/BTRFS Read Only filesystem errors continuously. It appears to be the cache SSD based on:
  9. Thanks! I thought that was what I should do but was just a bit wary... Fingers crossed it goes smoothly!
  10. Hi, I currently have a system with 1x3TB parity drive, and several data drives, the largest of which (3TB) is starting to report regular errors so I'm looking to change this out before it fails. However, I have only 2x 4TB drives to go in the system, so obviously I can't just add one as a data drive as it would be larger than the parity. I wanted to check that I had this correct as I've not had to swap anything out previously except a failed cache SSD. Is the only option to me: 1 - add new drives into the system 2 - first assign as new parity drive to the new 4TB 3 -