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  1. Ok I'm sure I'm just using it wrong but I can't seem to figure out why my torrents are stuck at 'Downloading Metadata'. I'm sure its just because I have the Port Forwarding wrong. Do I have to forward a port on my router to go with the one that PIA is assigning the container? If so how do I account for the fact that it changes each time the container starts? Thanks in advance because at this point any help is appreciated.
  2. Hello all, I'm given the opportunity to do a new NAS build. Currently I only use my Unraid box as a Docker host with my Synology 1817+ as a NAS. The Synology has been sold and is waiting for me to move stuff off. I am torn between sticking with Unraid as the new storage OS since I've used it in the past and enjoyed it, or entering into the world of FreeNAS or something like it. The reason is I'm concerned that another 'Game of Thrones' style show will come on and everyone using my Plex server (30-32 concurrent streams on peak nights) will all hit the same disk for the same show. FreeNAS has Unraid beat in performance due to striping but their inability to just add disks and restripe after is super obnoxious to me since I can't always buy a whole new set of matching disks to add to a pool. So Unraid wins in my mind in terms of ease of use but I wanted to get your thoughts on the matter. Should I be worried about this doomsday scenario? Can 1 disk if hammered keep up? Will Unraid ever add Read caching to alleviate this? Thanks in advance. EDIT: I want to state that I have 8x 8TB drives I'll be cannibalizing from the old NAS along with 4x 14TB drives that just came in. If I did FreeNAS I'm imagining either 3 RAID-Z vDevs in one pool or 1 RAID-Z vDev with 1 RAID-Z2 vDev in one pool but thats all new to me.
  3. Hello all, Even though my UnRaid 6 setup is protected using a parity drive, I am wanting to consolidate my TV and Movie directories so that in the event of a failure I don't end up losing a scattered amount of content. The current split level on the TV and Movie user shares is set to "automatically split any directory as required" with the allocation method set to "High-water" With my new TV Shows user share I would like it to be TV Shows > [show Name] > Season so that the seasons are kept together. Will making a user share called TV Shows 2 with a split level of 2 and then using MC to move the contents of the original into the new one work to reorganize it all? Am I overthinking this? In the event of a failure is it just easier to leave it as it is and let parity just restore the content? I'm open to any and all suggestions since you guys have probably been doing this a lot longer than I have. Thanks in advance.