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  1. Thank god, a static IP (for unraid) fixed the problem, know my docker-containers get loaded after a reboot with br0...
  2. Note: Micro Update fixing Websites blocked by Firewall Port scan detection has just been released for AVAST I've reactivated Port Scanning after installing the Avast update and rebooting 2 times, everything is working again...(still f*c#ing Avast, got the next problem with my SmartTV/Chromecast that disappears if i deactivate Avast Firewall)... but unRaid works again!!
  3. Note: Micro Update fixing Websites blocked by Firewall Port scan detection has just been released for AVAST
  4. PFSense is probably the best way to go for firewalling anyway! But the avast forums suggested to deactivate the "Port Scan Detection" feature and that seamed to work and fix the problem finally!
  5. That's true, happened to me right now! But using the "deactivating avast for 10 minutes" option via the avast system tray icon immediate solves the issue and the GUI starts working again. It still works if i activate Avast again after refreshing the browser tap, so I'm not sure if a special rule inside the avast firewall would help. There for i would be interested if this only happens to Avast Internet Security (and better) with the Avast Firewall or if other Firewalls reproduce that issue to. Lets see what Avast says about that problem! The avast forums suggested to deactivate the Port Scanning and that seamed to work and fix the problem finally!
  6. Do you use a Antivirus/Firewall/AdBlocker? Avast Internet Security caused that Problem for me, here is how i fixed it.
  7. That is the solution without deactivating your Avast Firewall completely!
  8. I deactivated Adblock Plus in Firefox with no noticeable improvement and i tried the same in Chrome, but the GUI still gets unresponsive. I'm running a Avast Internet Security Suite and i had problems with that AV and my VMs before. Guess what!? I deactivated the Anti Virus and everything runs flawless! The GUI got unresponsive because of my Avast Antivirus! THANKS Bonienl, i love you!
  9. i tried the following settings on a completely formatted and fresh install of unRaid 6.3.3 # Generated network settings USE_DHCP="no" IPADDR="" NETMASK="" GATEWAY="" DHCP_KEEPRESOLV="no" DNS_SERVER1="" DNS_SERVER2="" BONDING="no" BRIDGING="yes" Still the GUI loads one time and then doesn't respond anymore. I run memtest for 6 Hours with 3 passes and 0 errors. I switched the network-cable and router ports. Still no success unRaids remote GUI always loads the first time i open the browser and then freezes ... ------------------------------ I put my old unRaid 6.3.1 installation back on my stick. Now My Plexserver is running, my Teamspeakserver is running, my Windows7VM is running and i can manage the GUI from the local Hardware. Only the problem with the remote GUI still is there. How could you explain this? If there is a configuration Problem, nothing shut work, but its only the GUI and only the GUI from a remote browser. This has to be a bug right, after all the other people complaining about the unresponsive GUI....!?
  10. Interesting, i just setup a clean installation of 6.3.3, at the first Page i tried to install my basic.key and timeout... That would match your assumption... I prior already changed the Router from a Asus Tomato build to a Linksys OpenWRT build, shouldn't this change the hole network setup? Would you mind telling me what settings seemed unusual to you!?
  11. I had my unRaid Box running for months without any obvious problems. Shares worked, Dockers worked, VMs worked but my plexserver needed an update. So yesterday i tried to login to the GUI, but the GUI didn't load or loaded extremely slow and than got stuck. I tried it several times but never got far, the first page "main" would load sometimes but switching to Dockers ended in a freeze. There i realized that this Problem had also occurred the first time in November or December 2016 after updating unRaid, but it disappeared after a dirty reboot and the following rebuild of the array. Okay now i'll write down what i tried to solve this without any noticeable success and i hope you guys can help me!! - I'm using this usbdrive - Kingston DataTraveler Micro DTMCK 16 GB - I also tried a different usbdrive - Kingston DataTraveler DTIG4 16 GB - Changed the router from a Asus RT-AC66U to a new Linksys WRT1900ACS - I'm using Firefox 52 as browser for remote GUI - I'm using Kitty(putty) for Telnet/SSH - tried unRaid 6.2.4 - tried unRaid 6.3.2 - tried unRaid 6.3.3 - deactivated and deleted serverio-Plexserver Docker - deactivated and deleted binhex-Teamspeakserver Docker - deactivated Win7pro VM - unplugged usb UPS - installed and run "Fix Common Problems" Plugin with no significant errors beside installing CA and activating autoupdates The System (version 6.3.2) had updated over the GUI to version 6.3.3 now and I'm waiting for "main" to load so i can hit the "reboot" button. I know i could use the local command "powerdown" and it would work immediately, but normally the system has no display or even a keyboard, so i need the GUI to work! So after the reboot the only warning is the missing UPS and i was able to get from "Main" to "Tools" without a problem but after hitting "Diagnostics" the connection timed out. I waited 5 Minutes now, GUI in firefox is not responding at all, the SMB shares cannot be reached,no reaction true telnet/ssh, but the local command line is still responding and my only wait to shutdown the system... The last thing i could think of is backup all data and reinstall/rebuild everything completely. Did nobody know what could be wrong and hot i can fix it?
  12. I've got the same Problem here. WebGUI most of the time not responsive, putty sometimes times out, local Command-line works fine, local GUI also works fine. All Dockers, VMs and SMB shares work fine... Tried everything i could find but nothing helped, i'll write a detailed post with logs and what i tried soon. I found a lot of people with the "not responsive GUI Problem" and no solution... Did nobody fix this and could tell what exactly the problem was?
  13. So everything is back working as intended! Here is what i did! Rebooted the frozen UnRaid (6.2.4) and checked for bios updates while reboot, but it's uptodate. After boot i clicked on "Expired" on the top left and followed the procure to renew the trail-license for additional 14 days. Followed by a "Check for Updates" under the "Plugins" tab, run the update to "UnRaid 6.3.1" completed with another reboot. After that the server started properly, the Array was fine btw, all dockers run and the problematic VM was off because autorun was disabled. I started the VM and it worked, it booted to Windows 7 Desktop right away and the before updated AVG (Free 1606) antivirus was and is still running! After all the trouble I'm very happy now. I intend to uninstall AVG and try my Avast Internet Security Suit next week and I'm optimistic it will work! After that i intend to buy a plus license and support Lime tech and its community that way. Thanks again for the critical, constructive and fast responses from all of you.
  14. Thanks! I'm sorry leaving the reasonable discussion for a bit. There is no point in this After searching and reading the hole day (it's 2:36pm in Austria now) i guess i understand the problem is the nested virtualization of KVM. Reffering to the last posts here, this is already disabled in 6.3.1 but I'm using 6.2.4. Is it normal that you have to update manually and how did i miss that there would have been a update, doesn't unraid recommends new updates after the are released? Could i try the latest version of unraid on my server with the expired license or do i have to re-setup the hole machine again!? At the End i would point out I'm native German-speaking, my english isn't that bad but i guess this could cause some miss understandings [propose the rain ]
  15. If you practice "skeptical computing" you may bee right, but still it's wrong to recommend to do it. There are way more tests, if read that place Windows Defender at the end of the list of all competitors! What if i already own a paid copy of a security suit, it should be possible to use it right? And the problem isn't the Antivirus it's the implementation of KVM, Lime tech needs to disable nested virtualization, see this post at avast forums, heres a excerpt:
  16. Hi, i had a lot of problems with Avast running inside a Windows 7 VM. That was solved till today by using AVG instead of Avast, but today a update to AVG Free 1606 started the same problems like Avast did before, everything froze! 1. Windows 10 VM locking up unRAID 6.2 entirely on installation of Avast AV? 2. The whole server freezes 3. Windows 8.1 and Unraid freezes everytime I try to install Avast Now i rebooted, but the Array wouldn't load because the license expired. So my first option is to buy unraid after it stopped working as intended. Or, save my data from all 6 drives manually and use a other solution that wouldn't freeze and rebuild the hole server? I would like to use unraid, its easier and more accessible than an vSphere or Xen solution for me. But does freezes, and the lack of a solution for this problem... :'(
  17. after the problem with the Windows 7 VM and Avast a few months ago my unraid server was running without a problem or reboot till today. I wanted to reinstall AVG because it somehow installed browserplugins and all its other stupid blowware..´. So uninstalled AVG and downloaded AVG Free Version 1606. During installation the hole VM frooze, at first only the VM but then again the hole unraid looked up and a few moments later the "frozen server" started to block my hole network again and all other devices lost there internet-connection.... After 30 minutes for searching and reading here i guess there is still nos solution for this problem? And everyone still thinks this is a Avast<->KVM only problem???
  18. Updated to AVG Free 1606 today, unraid freezed like with Avast 3 months ago! Haven't paid for unraid till today, server still froozen, try reboot now but without a licence i guess i wouldn't be able to full restart? Btw. my hardware worked fine with vSphere and XEN ... Okay lets try .... But i guess i wouldn't pay €60 for a "OS" that doesn't work like intended!?
  19. Had the same Problem with Avast, freezed my hole unraid server 3 times before i understood what was the problem. It was my first try of unraid after a xenserver setup, because i wanted the easier hardware passtrough of unraid... so 3 Months ago i setup the server a 4th time and used AVG for the Windows 7 VM and it worked without any problems. But now AVG was uninstalled and reinstalled and now the same thing happens with the newest AVG version (AVG Free Version 1606)... It looks to me this problem is known since more than a year and there is still no fix or at least a note or warning from Lime Tech regarding this issue? The biggest problem is, after freezing my server this issue freezes my hole network, with avast the network stops working immediately, today with AVG the network stopped working after 10 minutes after the freeze occurred... I haven't bought Unraid till now, i will search for the rest of the day for a solution but if can't find one on this forum i will switch to a more "usable", "free" and most important STABLE solution like XEN or vSphere!
  20. Works and system didn't freeze or even hiccup once, so 11 days of unraid-trail to go!
  21. Thank you very very much Sir! That saved my day. Since my last post the unraid-pc was running flawless, performance is nice. My Windows 7 VM runs stable what ever i do to it, without a Antivirus though. So lets try kaspersky antivirus and see what happens! (
  22. Okay, i am using avast because I've got a license left, but i will try once again with AVG! I'll give unraid one more try, but it is a major problem for me that a VM can hang up a complete system. I never hat that problem with the xen hypervisor and i can't find any similar problem regarding kvm. Is this normal for kvm to completely hang if a VM gets stuck or is this related to the implementation into unraid???
  23. a Week ago i replaced my Xen-Server with Unraid-Trail and everything worked good. I'm not sure if it worked "good enough" for 60$, but it worked! Untill yesterday morning, i was setting up a Windows 7 VM, installing all Updates an my all in one installation from (including Avast). This resulted in a complete Lockup of the Unraid-Pc, like you guys described, but it also killed my Router!? So all my devices were kicked from the i-net, i first thought it must be my IPS, but Notebook<>Modem worked. Next thing was the Router, reset still nothing, factory reset still everything locked up. After 1,5 hours i luckily unplugged all network cables, there it started working again, the i put the cable from the unraid machine back in and everything was screwed up again. The only thing that brought unraid back to life was a hard reset. Which resulted in a new parity check (20+ Hours), a Teamspeak-Server Docker that didn't want to start anymore and a broken Windows 7 VM... Today after hours of finding the error and hours to repair the damage done, everything was back working. Except the running parity check and the Windows 7 VM, witch i was etting up a hour ago and guest what? I tried to install avast again and again everything hang, i rushed to the router unplugged the unraid and saved some other systems and users struggling with the lost internet connection... Now i found this thread and i can't believe what the problem is and that there is no hot-fix or at least a warning about that problem when downloading the image? So Lime Tech. wants $$$ for a hypervisor that can only run Windows VMs without antivirus software? Accordingly unraid 6.2 is a release, its not a beta or a testversion, i can't believe the didn't test a Windows VM with a antivirus before pushing the release candidate to the public? Running a Windows OS without a antivirus is just plain stupid, but i guess there are people not installing a antivirus or updates but use unraid and VMs. I'm sorry Greg but your proposition is just naive and you shouldn't recommend such pap! First boot on your Windows VM = install a antivirus (regardless of whether online or offline use)! But is there a other solution than not using unraid? After a week of testing my summary is devastating, the today sold unraid version 6.2 is unable to run Windows VMs proper. If a VM crashes, it crashes your hole system and that does Damage to Dockers and possibly your files/filesystem/drives. And after finding all that by experience, i found this nearly 2 month old thread about the Problem, inside the proper support forum, with no developer involvement??? How did you guys fixed that problem? Are you running the VMs without a antivirus?