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  1. Thank god, a static IP (for unraid) fixed the problem, know my docker-containers get loaded after a reboot with br0...
  2. Note: Micro Update fixing Websites blocked by Firewall Port scan detection has just been released for AVAST I've reactivated Port Scanning after installing the Avast update and rebooting 2 times, everything is working again...(still f*c#ing Avast, got the next problem with my SmartTV/Chromecast that disappears if i deactivate Avast Firewall)... but unRaid works again!!
  3. Note: Micro Update fixing Websites blocked by Firewall Port scan detection has just been released for AVAST
  4. PFSense is probably the best way to go for firewalling anyway! But the avast forums suggested to deactivate the "Port Scan Detection" feature and that seamed to work and fix the problem finally!
  5. That's true, happened to me right now! But using the "deactivating avast for 10 minutes" option via the avast system tray icon immediate solves the issue and the GUI starts working again. It still works if i activate Avast again after refreshing the browser tap, so I'm not sure if a special rule inside the avast firewall would help. There for i would be interested if this only happens to Avast Internet Security (and better) with the Avast Firewall or if other Firewalls reproduce that issue to. Lets see what Avast says about that problem!
  6. Do you use a Antivirus/Firewall/AdBlocker? Avast Internet Security caused that Problem for me, here is how i fixed it.
  7. That is the solution without deactivating your Avast Firewall completely!
  8. I deactivated Adblock Plus in Firefox with no noticeable improvement and i tried the same in Chrome, but the GUI still gets unresponsive. I'm running a Avast Internet Security Suite and i had problems with that AV and my VMs before. Guess what!? I deactivated the Anti Virus and everything runs flawless! The GUI got unresponsive because of my Avast Antivirus! THANKS Bonienl, i love you!
  9. i tried the following settings on a completely formatted and fresh install of unRaid 6.3.3 # Generated network settings USE_DHCP="no" IPADDR="" NETMASK="" GATEWAY="" DHCP_KEEPRESOLV="no" DNS_SERVER1="" DNS_SERVER2="" BONDING="no" BRIDGING="yes" Still the GUI loads one time and then doesn't respond anymore. I run memtest for 6 Hours with 3 passes and 0 errors. I switched the network-cable and router ports. Still no success unRaids remote GUI always loads the first time i open the browser and then freezes ... -------
  10. Interesting, i just setup a clean installation of 6.3.3, at the first Page i tried to install my basic.key and timeout... That would match your assumption... I prior already changed the Router from a Asus Tomato build to a Linksys OpenWRT build, shouldn't this change the hole network setup? Would you mind telling me what settings seemed unusual to you!?
  11. I had my unRaid Box running for months without any obvious problems. Shares worked, Dockers worked, VMs worked but my plexserver needed an update. So yesterday i tried to login to the GUI, but the GUI didn't load or loaded extremely slow and than got stuck. I tried it several times but never got far, the first page "main" would load sometimes but switching to Dockers ended in a freeze. There i realized that this Problem had also occurred the first time in November or December 2016 after updating unRaid, but it disappeared after a dirty reboot and the following rebuild of the array. Okay now i'
  12. I've got the same Problem here. WebGUI most of the time not responsive, putty sometimes times out, local Command-line works fine, local GUI also works fine. All Dockers, VMs and SMB shares work fine... Tried everything i could find but nothing helped, i'll write a detailed post with logs and what i tried soon. I found a lot of people with the "not responsive GUI Problem" and no solution... Did nobody fix this and could tell what exactly the problem was?
  13. So everything is back working as intended! Here is what i did! Rebooted the frozen UnRaid (6.2.4) and checked for bios updates while reboot, but it's uptodate. After boot i clicked on "Expired" on the top left and followed the procure to renew the trail-license for additional 14 days. Followed by a "Check for Updates" under the "Plugins" tab, run the update to "UnRaid 6.3.1" completed with another reboot. After that the server started properly, the Array was fine btw, all dockers run and the problematic VM was off because autorun was disabled. I started the VM and it worked, it booted to