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  1. I've changed the SATA cable from the ones that come with the SATA controller to 2 brand new SATA cable that go directly to the motherboard. I've switched out the power cables between my HDD to the SSD and still the same problem. Maybe it is a power supply issue. I just ordered a new Power Supply. We will see if that fixes it.
  2. Recently I upgraded my system. Once I upgraded I was no longer able to keep my cache drives stable. Meaning I could run the system with 1 cache drive but as soon as I added the 2nd cache drive to the pool, the first one would come back with a drive missing error and I was unable to recover it. I had to shutdown unplug cache drive and then start up and then it would show up. At first I thought my SSD were going bad since they were 3 years old. So I bought new ones. The new ones were Samsung 1TB QVO drives, same thing happened. Then I read a thread that say these are not the best drives f
  3. I uninstalled V2 and then installed V3 but it just brings me to the login screen. Is there an initial default login? Because none of my logins are working that once worked with V2.
  4. I have not used Ombi in some time. Since the last time I used it I can assume there have been update and I and all other users are no longer able to login. I guess it upgraded to v3. So how do I get back into Ombi? I have tried everything and every password and nothing.
  5. 2 week ago I started getting errors on 1 of parity drives and on Disk 1 of my array. I replaced the controller card with one from the list of compatible cards, that did not fix the problem. My case has a backplane for the first 2 drives, I thought that may be the issue so I removed that. That did not fix the problem. Lastly I replaced both drives and now the parity drives is good and Disk 1 is still coming up with errors. This is a brand new drive now. I just ordered new cables to rule that out. I will attach my diagnostics to see if anyone can see an issue with anything. Thanks dms
  6. ok, Rebuild is in progress. Thanks for your help.
  7. So last week I got 2 drives that failed. 1 Parity and Disk 1. I had this controller card in my system: SuperMicro AOC-SASLP-MV8. I know this card is not supported and figured that the system was not liking the card anymore. So I bought this card: LSI SAS 9207-8i. I installed it and started the system up and the 2 disks are still showing bad. Both of these drives are on the same and only backplane in my case so I thought maybe the backplane was bad so I removed the backplane from my case, started it back up and still disks are bad. I can't see anything in the diagnostics for a reason
  8. ok. Just bought a LSI SAS 9207-8i on eBay. Should be here this week. Thanks for your help
  9. Which do you think is the most out of the box compatible with at least 8 ports?
  10. I am getting a Call Traces error in Fix Common Problems. Here is the exact error: "Your server has issued one or more call traces. This could be caused by a Kernel Issue, Bad Memory, etc. You should post your diagnostics and ask for assistance on the unRaid forums" I have attached my diagnostics. Thanks dms-diagnostics-20180113-1011.zip
  11. yeah I've had this card in since February and had no issue. Then I had this issue yesterday which was not the card I guess something is wrong with the motherboard sata ports. All drives are now on the card and working great again. Not saying that I won't upgrade at some point. But working good right now. Thanks for the heads up about the card.
  12. that did it. I removed all ports off Motherboard and using the card only. I also removed 3 of the drive from the array and disconnected power from them. The Parity is being synced right now @ 126.5 MB/sec. Will finish in a little over 9 hours. Thank you so much for the help
  13. So my server has been running for over a year now without any issue. Yesterday it started doing its monthly parity check and it was running extremely slow. Said it was going to take 62 days to complete the check and only running at 750 Kbs. In the past this check has only taken ~9 hours. When looking at the logs here are the errors I am getting during the parity check. Are one of my disk going bad or is my controller card going bad? I am using the SUPERMICRO AOC-SASLP-MV8 card for my drives. I have had 0 issues until yesterday. thanks dms-diagnostics-20180102-1323.zip
  14. Maybe I'm just stupid. I just can not get this working correctly. Now Sab is downloading the files into the config directory it created a complete and incomplete directory there. here are some snapshots of my docker configs for Sab, Sonarr, and folders for Sab Sabnzbd Docker Config Sonarr Docker Config Sabnzbd Folder Config I just have no clue what is going on. CouchPotato I got configured and working like a champ, Sonarr has bit a heada