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  1. I'm also in this boat. I feel like it should be really easy. In the manager i even tried appending https but to no avail. Happy to try any suggestions. Any idea if this would work for nextcloud and i can try? Keen to get this working as it's stupid simple to manage!
  2. This is brilliant! Any idea on why my nextcloud won't work though? Everything else is working spot on :)
  3. Thanks for the reply. After not finding anything I went back to 6.1.9. All seems to be fine now.
  4. I've just installed UnRaid and I've set my appdata and system shares to use cache only and exclude the data disks. I've tried to start docker. It won't start. When reviewing the logs i find. Tower root: failed to create image file I've renamed my identification to "Colossus". Should this be reflected in the logs? Anything i can try to fix this? I changed the format to xfs to format the cache drive and then put it back to BTRFS but that hasn't seemed to change anything. Any advice would be appreciated.